Wedding Theme: Summer Lovin’

Hello Blogging Beauties!

Jess here, offering you another installment of what I find to be beautiful wedding ideas! Side note: Model Your Brand and Visuelle just got back from Florida! There will be pictures up soon to showcase our trip, it was quite the adventure!

So this week I’ve decided to bring to you the fashions and ideas that are oh so popular for this summers/spring’s weddings. Got a little Grease going on with the Summer Lovin’! Old style is Hot right now and you will mostly see this in the cuts of dresses. Colours are going to be bright but mixed with pastels and they will speak volumes!

Here is a gorgeous canary diamond ring. I’m sure any bride would be thrilled to receive this huge diamond. Unless you are absolutely against beautiful things! Or are just really traditional…But none the less, a stunning start to the summer lovin’ idea.

Now we must dress our  bride and here are two different options that are stunning. The first option being a little more simple and classic. Clean flowing lines that would be great for an outdoor wedding in the middle of summer. Just enough bling to add some interest. The second is classic as well and a bit more traditional with some flair from the flower buds all over the gown. I love this ivory colour and really think it would go well outdoors for a more natural feel. The fit it beautiful as well and would be amazing on so many brides!

As for the hair and makeup for the bride, I would really base it on the weather and time frame. If it’s really humid and warm, I’d opt for an updo. It would give you more control over your hair and avoid any frizz! For a calm, beautiful day, flowing hair would be beautiful! If it got way too warm, you could always sweep it up into a loose updo for the reception.

These shoes would be stunning for any wedding, but I love this colour. The extra bling is certainly welcome as well! And not to mention, a pop of colour under the dress has become a huge trend this year and last. Making that colour blue just leaves one more thing checked off your to-do list!

Now you need to dress your lovelies that will be helping throughout your big day! Each of these are beautiful and once again, weather permitting you can go short, or longer for a cooler summers day. The tricky thing about planning a summer wedding is cooperating with the weather that you are unsure of. This colour would be amazing to brighten up any dull moments at your wedding. It adds so much fun!

Make sure to check periodically the week before the wedding and prepare for any unexpected wedding weather blunders. Grab some cute umbrellas for the party, just think of all the awesome photo opportunities that would be available! So just remember to embrace everything that is thrown your way. ūüôā

Every bride (I’m sure!) is excited to have flowers at her wedding. These are great for summer and bring in beautiful pastels. Against the yellow in the bridesmaid dresses, this would be enough to pop but not over power! I love the boutonnieres as well, each a little different on the same palette of colours.

This centerpiece would go well with any summer wedding and the colours can be easily altered with different flower choices. The yellow is brilliant though!

Probably one of my favorite parts now, the Cake!!! Yum! Cake pops are a great alternative to the traditional tiers of cake and are just as delectable! Let me tell you, if you get the right baker, you will Not be disappointed! There are so many ways to decorate a table with them as well. Same goes for cupcakes, less of a mess for cutting. Each person already has their own individual cake! MMMMmmmmMMM ūüôā

Now that you are full and in need of a thirst quencher, this table of drinks is a cute way to once again add more colour and offer a great variety for your guests. I would recommend putting these in a bed of ice though. Depending on how warm it is, but cold sangria is much more delicious!

Another way to cool off your guests would be to offer this dessert. Different sorbets or gelatos make a great alternative for people with allergies or that want a gluten free option. If you make that extra effort for your guests they’ll feel much more comfortable and your evening will be all that much more enjoyable!

And now, signing out with this¬† cute way to have your guests sign in with these whimsical corks. Although, you’d have to start drinking up right now, or contact your closest restaurant to start collecting those corks! (I’m already preparing for my wedding to come in the next 27 years…get the wine ready!) The beautiful purple from the different wine is awesome as well and very fitting!¬†

Hope this was enjoyed by all. We’ve now decided to separate our pinterests. One for Visuelle Productions, one for Model Your Brand and of course my personal. These will still be on my personal, but from now on I will include them in Visuelle’s so make sure to follow both and get the most ideas for your wedding! Happy Monday to all!
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Diamond Jewelry Up for grabs? Only at Visuelle Productions March bridal show!

Hey Brides! Visuelle Productions Spring Wedding Spectacular is coming soon! Before you know it, we’ll be over with St. Patricks day and on to the show! We’re hosting 65 of the area’s top wedding vendors who are ready to dazzle you with everything new and exciting for your special day. Meet with these fine companies face to face, see, feel and taste their products (lots and lots of cake, people!) Spend the day and let them help you make your wedding plans a breeze. There will be spectacular display’s of cakes, gowns, DJ’s, photographers, floral arrangements, invitations, romantic honeymoon destinations, and more for you to choose from.

Enjoy the professionally produced Fashion Shows at 11:30 am and 2:30pm featuring 5 area bridal salons. Special entertainment prior to the fashion shows and throughout the day. Between the fashion shows the bridal salons will be available to let you view or even try on a gown that was in the show and caught your eye.

The GRAND PRIZE is a magnificent LeVian Chocolate Diamond Pendant Necklace, valued at over $5,000.00 from A&E Jewelers.

A complementary one year subscription to Bride Magazine is included in the show admission, simply by signing in. The first 200 brides will receive a matching wedding band set valued at over $600.00. Every bride will receive a gift bag full of fabulous treasures.

Tickets available only at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center ticket office, bring your groom for FREE.

While at the show, text: Visuelle to 55678 to register with Visuelle Productions to receive a fabulous treat!

Hope to see you all there, this is an event you wouldn’t want to miss so pack your cars full of loved ones and come spend the day with us!

Wedding Emergency Kit

I found a very interesting article in the 2011 summer edition of¬† the Fox Valley Wedding Planner that I would like to share with you.¬† They have listed an Emergency Wedding Day Kit.¬† Now who would have thought…..

After all of the planning, couples hope that all goes exactly as planned on the big day!  Here is a list of things to bring with you for any little emergency that may pop up.  You may customize your kit with any little specialty items you need.

*needle and thread in black, white and the color of the bridesmaids gowns.

*pain reliever pills


*some sort of spot/stain remover




*double sided tape

*black buttons

*personal hygiene items



*extra cash

*change of shoes



*hair pins

*names and phone numbers of all vendors

*static cling spray

*hair dryer

*contact solutions/eye drops

*nail file/nail clipper

*straws so lipstick doesn’t get ruined

*safety pins

*extra socks

*earring backs

These are just a few little things that might  make a big difference on your special day!  Pack away and enjoy!!

Bridal Show Success

Let’s face it when going shopping and that’s what the brides are doing.¬† We look at the mannequins, window displays, racks with things hanging and things that are at eye level.¬† In general anything that is flat on a table doesn’t get touched.¬† If you don’t touch it and feel it you probably will not own it.¬† Come on girls admit it ..its all about how if feels and smells.¬† Think of a store when you plan your booth space.¬† Things on a level plane will¬† likely be missed (especially when you have a group of brides surrounding your table and they can’t get to the front of it to see what’s on it).¬† Try high cocktail table if you need to display postcards, business cards and other materials, and even then card holders will bring more attention than resting flat. ¬† Or if you are putting it on the 8ft table, put risers, stands, anything to lift the material up closer to eye-level for the brides. The brides in the back will notice it as well.¬† Well that’s the tips for today…more tomorrow.

Be Your Best at a Bridal Show

As promised more hints for a successful bridal show.¬† Make your booth an “open” space. PLEASE DO NOT place the table at the front of your booth.¬† Why would you block your doorway? ¬† Place tables at the back, or sides of your booth to give guests an open and welcoming area to talk.¬† This also gets brides out of the flow of traffic in the isles. Brides will be more relaxed if they feel they are not¬† holding up other attendees in the aisle ways.¬† This will also give you¬† more time to answer questions and spend time with them.

Wedding Vendors it’s New Year’s Resolution Time!

Keeping in mind that our major business is Bridal Shows, we are always looking for new opportunities  Of course when you have a passion for fashion it is very easy to stray into different areas!  This year again we spread our wings a bit more and have been doing fashion shoots for magazines.  Of course we stay in the Bridal market, but by adding some travel to cool destinations like Greece and Venice makes the projects even more interesting.  Working internationally not only gives us the opportunity to meet and work with designers from these countries, but come back into the US and promote their fashions.   Organizing an adventure like this is really exciting and a little nerve racking at the same time.

So with this in mind my New Years Resolution is to keep my business growing steady, treat my business associates as if they are part of my family, (of course the family members I love) and continue to look outside of the box.  Maybe more exciting adventures with photographs and travel.