{ Christmas Wedding }


Is there a more magical time of the year than Christmas?! I truly LOVE LOVE and LOVE EVERYTHING about this time of year! It really is the “most wonderful time of the year” …so why not add to the celebrating with a “Christmas Wedding”?! I’m not going to lie, I may be vicariously living through this blog and wishing I had planned my own Christmas wedding…however…I think that is where a lot of my blog idears come from! So, if you do a Christmas wedding, invite me darnit; so I can vicariously live through you! Now, back to talking about me! 🙂 If I had a Christmas wedding; this is just what I would do…

I love these faux wood and snowflake invites!


This time of year, most churches are decorated BEAUTIFULLY with trees and pointsettias, so decorating has just gotten easier! Now, if you were me…we would take all our pictures before and have a ceremony when it’s dark (which is 4:00 these days) when all the trees and candlelight can perfectly glow for that warm, romantic, and magical look we’re going for! Love the added garlands in lanterns in these two photos!



For previously stated before ceremony photo opps! We would find the most fantastically decorated architecture!


And of course have one of these moments!


Wear red shoes that almost look like a present!


Plus, I need this fur…just in case… 🙂


What better reason for a statement red lip and nail…


I somewhat in LOVE with this evergreen bouquet, plus I love the smell of a Christmas tree! Maybe I’d add a little red sprigs for Christmas sake!


Since it’s Christmas, we all need a little more sparkle…I think the bridesmaids would love us FOREVER if they got to wear something FAB like this with their awesome EVERGREEN!


My flower girls “Extra Sparkle”…maybe gets to carry a cute little Christmas wreath?!


With the perfect Christmas pillow for our ring bearers…


Plaid Christmas tie! Yes, Yes, and YES!


After this GORG ceremony…we should probably take a carriage ride with champagne to the reception hall..


Where it would be ALL lit up with SOO MANY CHRISTMAS lights you can hardly believe your pretty little eyes!


Plus TONS of mistletoe! I actually think that might have to be the game to get us to kiss! You kiss under the mistletoe and we’ll kiss like you kiss…eeeehhhhh…ehhhh?!?


Greenery draped across tables…with candlelight of course!


Kind of love this look…plus I think it would smell AMAZING!


Our guests could sign ornaments for our Christmas tree instead of a guest book! How special would those be to read every year while decorating!


Warm cocktails…mmmmmmm…


A simple cake decorated with greenery!


Plus RED VELVET cupcakes…because they’re a family fave AND THEY’RE RED!


Plus, I think we’d also need a surprise visit from the big man in red for the awesomest photo booth guest photos EVAhhhh!


Now get planning your Christmas wedding so I CAN come!!! I promise I’ll be good, I won’t cry, I won’t pout! HEHE! Besides all that…sending you all the warmest wishes from mine to yours! MERRY CHRISTMAS!



{ Alternative Wedding Cakes }


Changing up the old fashion wedding cake is a fun way to add a personal touch to your day, recently we did a blog on the trend of “naked cakes”, which are SO pretty and an alternative cake idea, but here are some different ideas to change up your fancy wedding dessert + some people just plain old don’t like cake…WHHHAAAAA?! Yeah, but it happens! So, if for some reason you don’t like cake OR you don’t like frosting OR you just would like to add a personal touch to your wedding treat; here are some great ideas to make your “cake” unforgettable!

Okay…maybe this is still somewhat a cake…but it’s still not something you see everyday..A SMORE WEDDING cake with toasted meringue! Uhhh YUM!


Being a true WISCONSINITE (GO PACK!) and cheese LOVER,  I must say; I do love this idea! Wheels of cheese set perfectly set as a beautiful faux “cake”.


Another view with a cake made of cheese wheels! Aren’t they pretty!


How pretty is this beautifully iced layered bunt cake?! ADORABLE and looks delish!


A layered crepe cake! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way this looks + love me some crepes!


Macaroons are officially on trend and how couldn’t they be…they’re cute, feel fancy, and to top it off…they’re delicious! Here’s a couple AWESOME macaroon stacked cakes.



Gourmet popsicles! Now that is memorable and looks tasty! Plus, food on sticks when you’re busy dancing is super efficient… 🙂


Beacause who doesn’t LOVE rice crispy treats?! AND this is ADORABLE!


This is not a cake! Well it is a cake made out of sugar cookies and it’s the CUTEST thing I’ve ever seen! What guest wouldn’t ❤ their own personal cookie wedding cake?!


One word. TRUFFLES.


How to make OREOS look fancy?! Make a “cake” out of them! My husband would think this was heaven…but make sure they’re double stuffed! ; )


Or how about a cannoli cake?!


Yep, someone has done it! This is a JELLO “cake”!


Cake pops! Isn’t this pretty?! And as previously mentioned…food on sticks is just more efficient while dancing!



Cheese cake bites…YES!


Isn’t this fun and pretty?! It’s cake…but you don’t see a wedding cake like this often… 🙂


Chocolate covered strawberries! What a centerpiece!


Donut cake?! I happen to just LOVE this idea!


Dark chocolate + berries = DELIGHTFUL + antioxidants! WIN WIN!


This is a chocolate chip cookie cake…because who doesn’t LOVE chocolate chip cookies?!


OR this…


OR this…


This is called croquembouche and it’s a traditional French wedding cake! Unique and pretty!


Chocolate mousse shooters displayed beautifully!


Cake jars…these could look pretty amazing stacked in the shape of a traditional wedding cake?! Plus, you know what’s AWESOME…?!?…when you get home from a party late at night and REMEMBER you have cake in your PURSE!


Okay, that is the alternative wedding inspiration for your Friday! Are you feeling alternative?! It’s fun to be unique! It’s fun to be traditional! Heck, it’s fun to be whatever you are! Roll with it! Happy Friday Friends!


Ohhh…and don’t forget!!! February 22, 2015 at the Fox Cities PAC…Visuelle Productions Bridal Show is HAPPENING! “For the Best Day of Your Life”

{ Something OLD, Something NEW, Something DUSTY BLUE }


So I’m all about this DUSTY BLUE color right now, it accents so many color schemes perfectly…you know what looks great with dusty blue?! Here are a few of my FAVE color combos: dusty blue and cranberry, dusty blue and burnt orange, AND dusty blue and mustard yellow! Ohhh and just thinking as I write, but a dusty blue and grey could be a pretty awesome combo as well!

6aedb5aedf2840207c3f0694269d2222 c6c5a83938f59b8f82165e5daa9e47a9 4cb5266ef4ec9587b237d9f3f6562b3f

Now besides looking BEAUT-imous with great FALL to WINTER color schemes, it’s just a classic color that tends to look great on a lot of people. AND in addition you’ll be able to fill your { Something OLD, Something NEW, “Something DUSTY BLUE” } duties perfectly! Here are a couple wedding must haves that I adore in a tad bit of DUSTY BLUE…

Love these simple and elegant invites:


Now what bridesmaid wouldn’t enjoy a dusty blue dress this darn pretty:


TIme to accessorize! In love with all these dusty blue pretties:

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Can’t forget about the boys…how ’bout sportin’ some dusty blues too:


Ahhhh and it looks good on cake too!


My new fave wedding dessert item…sparkly, dusty blue macaroons:


Perfect and dusty blue table settings:


AND I’m in La-La-LOVE with bouquet showcasing some dusty blue:


That’s the dusty blue scoop for a Friday! Hope you feel a bit of dusty blue inspiration! Now, reminding you for more wedding inspiration, make sure you mark your calendars for Sunday, November 2! There will be a great bridal showcase at the Performing Arts Center in Appleton from 10:30am to 3:00pm! Lots of wonderful local vendors “for the best day of your life”! Happy Friday Friends!

~ Missy

{ EAT YOUR CAKE NAKED } ten pretty naked cakes


There’s A LOT of beautiful wedding cakes out there these days and the options seem endless to get delicious flavors as well as stunning visual cakes to top it off! Fondant covered cakes have made many bridal beauties elegant cake dreams come true, allowing sleek lines and details not able to be performed before the fondant hey day! However, as ALWAYS, just like I love myself many a fancy style white dress; I am a LOVER of all things cake as well! Butter cream covered, fluffily frosted, cupcakes pretties, cake pop cuties, fondant beauties, and NOW the trend of the NAKED CAKE! One thing I am definitive over is the importance of having a wedding cake. I heart traditions; they help signify special moments, so cut a cake gosh darnit and shove it OR nicely put it in each others’ cute faces and make that moment memorable! And, if you don’t…I’ll never know the difference so don’t worry about it! 🙂 Okay…now back to cake styles,  if you’re looking for cake ideas and want something new and different OR maybe just don’t love tons of frosting…here are ideas you’ll love! Like I said…eat your cake…NAKED!

I love the way this one is iced!



Does this look delish or what!!! Imperfection sometimes = PERFECTION.



PERFECT summery wedding cake.



SO pretty and with a touch of the beautiful detailed fondant flowers!



Square, succulents, and I love the frosted beading between tiers.



You can even ombre your NAKED CAKE! Trend it up folks! Fantastic!



Simple, elegant, and DELICIOUS looking!



I love the frosted sways and beading.



SUMMER! Shortcake?!



Simply beautiful.


Hope you enjoyed the naked cake inspiration! We love the new style and hope you love it too! For more wedding inspiration, don’t forget Visuelle Productions Fall Bridal Shows are upon us!

Sunday, September 7 at the Radisson in Green Bay 10:30am to 3:00pm


Sunday, November 2 at the PAC in Appleton 10:30am to 3:00pm

{ Crown Yourself with Flowers }

Apologies my friends! Was out of town with the family yesterday and the time and internet signals seemed to slip away on me! Hopefully, I didn’t leave you in too much suspense for your Friday Fashion and Trend Report! 🙂 Anywho, onto the pretties! So, I must admit I was inspired for this blog post from Visielle Productions Summer Bridal Show. The floral crowns were shown beautifully by some of the floral vendors, as well as, incorporated into some if the decor through out the show. And I LOVED them! What a great alternative for the brides who aren’t all about blingy tiaras or maybe you are about blingy tiaras, but a more natural look suits your dress, theme, or location. The moral of the story is, here’s another way to beautify and create a look that relays you and your style. Here are some elegant, romantic, and downright stunning ways to add a little floral to your crown!


Is this one fairytale-esque or what! Beautiful!



I love how this compliments her perfectly imperfect side braid:




I love the whites, ivories, and blush florals in this timeless crown:






The arrangement and coloring of this crown draws you right into her eyes! And love the pop of that yellow shawl! Gorgeous!





These floral pieces, the lace of her dress, natural makeup and hair compliment each other perfectly!





Simple, sweet, and stunning.





Love the pop of color and that bouquet beautiful or what!





Lip color + Flowers  Placement + Hairstyle = LOVE





Simplistic and stunning! Feels like winter in a warm way.





Another fairytale-esque photo for my horse lovers!








This floral crown compliments her hair color and skin tone amazingly! B.E.A.utiful!




Okay, I must admit, this one’s my fave! I love her pastel hair and the arrangement and color of this floral crown! Oh, so pretty…





Alright! Hope this finds you feeling inspired and possibly considering a floral crown for your big day! Oh, and a girl must remind you! Visuelle Productions Fall Bridal Shows are right around the corner! September 7 in Green Bay at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center AND November 2 in Appleton at the Performing Arts Center! Both shows run from 10:30am to 3:00pm! Hope to see you there! Have a WONDERFUL Labor Day weekend! Till next time my bridal beauties!


~ Missy

{ 10 Vintage Hairstyles we ADORE }


While researching my blog post for fair, carnival, and circus themed weddings; I kept coming across photos of Reese Witherspoon in her role from Water for Elephants. There are actually “Water for Elephant” themed weddings, which are delightful too! If you’re planning a fair, carnival, or circus themed wedding, you must check out ideas from “Water for Elephants” themed weddings, as well! Whimsical, vintage, and fun…SERIOUSLY! Have you seen the movie?!  Besides being a wonderful movie, it’s a feast for every fashionista’s eyes! Every time I see photos from this movie, it makes my little mind go GAGA! The clothes, the costumes, the hair…I just LOVVVVVE Reese’s hair! Of course, I do adore a beautiful platinum blonde look, that is for certain, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s definitely mine! It’s not just the Marilyn Monroe-esque looks, but the classy-ness of the 20s, 30s, 40s and decades past, they just downright inspire me! Fancy hats, fancy hair, fancy gloves, and fancy dresses! I want the fancy back! We might not be able to get away with the fancy gloves and hats on regular occasions, but I think we can get away with the fancy hair…OKAY…it would make me SO HAPPY!  So, here’s 10 vintage hairstyles a girl can’t help but adore!  LET’S BRING BACK THE FANCY! 🙂 AND if not for every day, at least for FANCY days! Have I said FANCY enough yet?! I didn’t think so…FANCY, FANCY, FANCY! Now we’re good…maybe!

I love EVERYTHING about this look!




Is this STUNNINGLY SLEEK and ELEGANT or what?!
















Okay, another movie look I LOVE! Kirsten Dunst in Great Gatsby! I want to live THEN!









AND for the bride who dares to be different! I can’t get ENOUGH of this look!



Hope you were inspired with all this VINTAGE FANCY-NESS! Happy FANCY Friday friends! Okay, I’ll stop with the FANCY talk already…on the blog anyhow… 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

~ Missy

10 Short and VERY Sweet Wedding Dresses


Okay, I have a NEW addiction! I am officially obsessed with the sweetness of a short wedding dress! Like my long sleeve post a while ago, I just don’t see it done ENOUGH! A short dress with fabulous shoes and a veil…ahhhh…makes me go GAGA! Here’s a few looks that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Enjoy!











Hope you felt some inspiration from these short and sweet little numbers!




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