A New Years Gift of Visuelle Productions Bridal Shows

A New Years Gift of Visuelle Productions Bridal Shows.

This pretty much says it all…Happy New Year!!!!


Diamond Jewelry Up for grabs? Only at Visuelle Productions March bridal show!

Hey Brides! Visuelle Productions Spring Wedding Spectacular is coming soon! Before you know it, we’ll be over with St. Patricks day and on to the show! We’re hosting 65 of the area’s top wedding vendors who are ready to dazzle you with everything new and exciting for your special day. Meet with these fine companies face to face, see, feel and taste their products (lots and lots of cake, people!) Spend the day and let them help you make your wedding plans a breeze. There will be spectacular display’s of cakes, gowns, DJ’s, photographers, floral arrangements, invitations, romantic honeymoon destinations, and more for you to choose from.

Enjoy the professionally produced Fashion Shows at 11:30 am and 2:30pm featuring 5 area bridal salons. Special entertainment prior to the fashion shows and throughout the day. Between the fashion shows the bridal salons will be available to let you view or even try on a gown that was in the show and caught your eye.

The GRAND PRIZE is a magnificent LeVian Chocolate Diamond Pendant Necklace, valued at over $5,000.00 from A&E Jewelers.

A complementary one year subscription to Bride Magazine is included in the show admission, simply by signing in. The first 200 brides will receive a matching wedding band set valued at over $600.00. Every bride will receive a gift bag full of fabulous treasures.

Tickets available only at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center ticket office, bring your groom for FREE.

While at the show, text: Visuelle to 55678 to register with Visuelle Productions to receive a fabulous treat!

Hope to see you all there, this is an event you wouldn’t want to miss so pack your cars full of loved ones and come spend the day with us!

Wedding Theme: BEACH

Hello All you WordPress”ies”,

Jess here, back with another great idea for a wedding theme! This time I’m going to show you some awesome pictures of ideas for any beach wedding! 🙂 After seeing all these different wedding options my head just spins when thinking about what I could possibly do for my wedding (17 years from now 😛 ) Ok so here’s the scoop, whether you go somewhere foreign for a “destination” wedding or somewhere close but “beachy” these are still all plausible and beautiful ideas! Let me know what you think.

Like I said in the last blog, I’m still very new at this so if there is something you wedding lovers would like to see, comment!!! I’m very open to ideas!

So I thought it would only be appropriate again to start with some beautiful rings, this time though it’s a cute idea for a picture! You can’t tell me this isn’t adorable! Frames the rings nicely and keeps the couple in the picture.

Next are some options for dresses. First is the most typical beach dress that you would see, the second one though, goes to show that you don’t have to do the standard a-line flowy dress, although that is just as beautiful. You should really consider where you are having your wedding when you are choosing a gown. This could mean that you would Die of heat stroke in a big poofy dress such as this second one in a super HOT location! And we wouldn’t want that happening! So make sure you dress according to the weather. (Also keep that in mind when picking out the groom and groomsmen’s outfits- if they’re hot and sweaty they are likely to complain and be stinky!! And we know you want a happy fresh groom! 🙂 haha ) Now to dress your bridesmaids, of course this is just a cute little idea. Miss matched dresses all in the same colour scheme! This has to be my new favorite idea for beach weddings, or even outdoor summer weddings, I’ve never seen this before and I LOVE it! Can’t believe this is the first I’m seeing of this! I need some of these “shoes” for chilling on the beach! Please enjoy my fabulous shoe find 🙂Now on to some cute beachy bouquet ideas. The first I found was this great “brooch-esk” style bouquet  made with seashells! This wouldn’t be for everyone because I know many brides want the real deal, gorgeously looking and smelling flowers. But! This is still great! And the next is just a beautiful bouquet of flowers I think any bride would be envious of, but no worries! Show your florist and they’ll whip something out using this as inspiration! Now you just need a beautiful hair inspiration and you’re good to go decorate everything else! I love that the hair is whispy and just kind of up, but still elegant. Keep in mind you can change the flowers in your hair to match your wedding flowers (or shells) and that necklace!!!!!!! OMG. That would be so gorgeous with a simple dress to just add a WOW factor. This is an idea I plan to KEEP tucked away for my big day! Hope you all enjoy this as much as I did! 🙂Now that everyone is beautiful and fully dressed, here’s a great idea for the walk down to the love of your life! I think this is really simple but I love the simplicity. The beach is already so beautiful, why distract the view?? And the big twine balls are so earthy! Just make sure you have them weighted down with something-or they’ll be sailing away into the wild blue! A cute idea to add into your baskets could be fans for your guests if it’s hot out! Don’t want anyone over heating. Now. This is feel is the hardest part of the beach wedding. The CAKE. To be completely honest, I think that a lot of  beach cakes can be generic and frumpy with “beachy” inspiration randomly placed all over. It’s super hard to do a beach themed cake and not be cheesy about it. My suggestion would be to keep it classy and simple! As with everything else, the location and couple should be the most beautiful part of this destination and they should be celebrated! So I found a simple cake that still has beach inspiration! Here’s a cute idea for a head table, this isn’t shown on a  beach, but depending on your location and if they have a gazebo type dealio this would be fabulous! Here’s another table idea possibly for your guests. This one is also not shown on a beach but I think it would go beautifully! To add onto your table here a some cute little ideas! Both are DYI, although I’m sure you can find already made candles like this. Check out my Pinterest to find out how to make these! The “fireflies” in a jar are to die for! I can’t wait to make this and put it everywhere! And I’m just going to leave you with some cute photo ideas for beach weddings. I could go on and on showing you adorable pictures, but I know I’ll start to ramble! And who wants to hear me ramble haha! First of all, I love anything remotely close to “photo-booths” and I think the frame idea would be super fun for your guests! Think “pinching” someone’s head, or “holding” them above the water, haha, I can see it now!

This last one is gorgeous and pretty self explanitory 🙂

To see the credit information for these and other ideas follow myself or Visuelle on Pinterest! :) Happy Monday all, and watch for more fantastic blogs from Visuelle!

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What Happens in Vegas……

The saying goes, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  Well, I would like to break that rule!!!  We are in Vegas for Wedding MBA (which means Wedding Merchants Business Academy) and I do not want you to miss any of what we are learning!!  If you are a wedding vendor and you are not here you are missing some fabulous training.  Let me tell you who some of the great speakers were that we had the privilege of listening to:  Timothy Chi and Sonny Ganguly from Wedding Wire, Andy Ebon-The Wedding Market Authority, Chris Evans-Wed Pro Boot Camp, Bill Heaton-President, Great Bridal Epxo.  These are to just name a few….there were many more!  We have one more day of Wedding MBA then it’s off to Bridal Boot camp.  I am so excited to bring home the information  we gathered and put it to good use!  The people who really benefit are you the brides!!!!  I will share more information as the week progresses!!!!  Have a great night!!!!  Sweet dreams brides to be!

Calling all Brides, Grooms and significant participants that help make the day wonderful for the special couple…….you are not going to want to miss!!!!

The Summer Bridal Showcase is the Summer Wedding Event of the year. Spend the day out with your special guy or gal at the Bridgewood Resort Hotel, Neenah. Located at 1000 Cameron Way, Neenah, Wisconsin 54956.  Over 60 vendors will be available to show you and let you sample all the new and exciting things for the discriminating bride in this beautiful setting. The evening will host a fabulous garden fashion show, starting at 7:30, with exciting entertainment prior to the show. Food and bar services are available on site. Come, relax and spend the evening being dazzled by every thing exciting for your wedding. Tickets $12.00 Register for a complementary one year subscription to Modern Bride Magazine,Fabulous Honeymoon Grand Prize and much more. Every bride receives a Gift bag filled with exciting gifts for the bride and groom. First 200 brides will receive a gift card for a matching wedding band set valued at up to $600.  Doors open at 4pm.

It Really is “All About the Dress”

It Really is “All About the Dress”.

It Really is “All About the Dress”

Little kids really amaze me.  Last week I was asked to do a Career Day Event for one of our area elementary schools.  Of course I said yes, because everyone knows that I can’t say no!  After putting the phone down panic started to set in.  How could I tell kindergarteners through 4th grade about my business so they wouldn’t stare at me with a blank face?  Planning process begins:  Girls like dress-up and boys like football.  So after a deep breath and a little more thought everything started to fall in place.   This is perfect, after all we do Bridal Expos and Fashion Shows and Bonus!  We do them at Lambeau Stadium.   Everyone knows that brides start thinking about their wedding from little girl on.  So let’s play off from that.  Of courses being a good planner and always trying to avoid a situation.  I quickly ordered some trinkets to hand out, just in case we were a bust!  For an extra touch there was an example of our gift bags full of goodies that we can give to the teachers and staff.

The day of the presentation came quickly and we scurried to get things together and get to the school.  Fifteen minutes until count down.  We carried our things in and proceeded to get our model dressed in a white wedding gown and veil.  While walking back to the room there were lots of surprised looks, not only from the kids but also the staff.  We were set to go with a bride model, a Welcome to Visuelle Productions Bridal Show sign, 2 computers and a bucket load of trinkets for the students.   Now ready, we anxiously awaited the buzzer and the first group of students.   Everything was in its place, a bride, an extra bridal gown, bridesmaid and mini bride/flower girl gowns, and the computers set to go when needed.  It was perfect!  Here we go…with the first group.

Let’s get started with talking about a Bridal Expo’s.  Where do I go with this so they will understand? Lots of blank faces from the boys and all the girls were whispering about the dresses.  And then came the surprise!  Once we started talking about numbers and how we use a room bigger than their gymnasium and divided it into areas to set up stores with bridal things in them.  They got it!  They even took paper and divided it out to see how many booths we could fit in. Then it was time to talk about fashion shows.  Of course all of the little girls were sitting on the edge of their seat by this time.  The boys it was another story.  One little boy’s hand went up and he announced that he did some modeling.  I heard a lot of snickering from the boys and comments about boys don’t model girls do.  By pointing out the models in our banner I tried to put that opportunity to rest, but of course there still were a few snickers.  Now to get the boys attention we switched to the Green Bay Packers and their faces lit up immediately.  Thank goodness for the video from Wisconsin Wedding Spectacular shows on the two computers from a show that we do at Lambeau Field.  Bonus!  It also included boys modeling!  Wow really avoided that one; there were no more snickers just lots of ahs!  The video starting out with Vince Lombardi on the screen a real hit and the boys were occupied at the computers.

This was a perfect chance to give our attention to the girls.  We talked about wedding dresses and miniature brides and flower girls and showed more dresses.  At that point we had stories about every little girl that was in a wedding, who was going to be in a wedding and who wanted to be in a wedding.  I am sure you get the drift of the conversation.  At his point we asked the best question of the day. “Who would like to learn how to walk and turn like a model?”  Of course all the girls’ hands went up.  Even a few boys joined in.  The girls were having a great time walking and talking with the model.  But mostly touching and feeling of the dress and veil.

What a wonderful experience to get the chance to share with all of these wonderful boys and girls.  The time flew by and it was time to leave, lots of hugs and high fives for our model and I heard them exclaim as they flew down the hall.  “I love the model and the dress!”  So I guess one more time it really is all about the dress! 

Thank you for coming to Career Day

Thank you for coming to Career Day. Can I touch the Dress?

Career Day

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