A New Years Gift of Visuelle Productions Bridal Shows

A New Years Gift of Visuelle Productions Bridal Shows.

This pretty much says it all…Happy New Year!!!!


Wisconsin Wedding Spectacular

Wisconsin Wedding Spectacular.

Exciting things were happening among the snow flakes at Lambeau Atrium.  Life size models lined the back of the stage at the  Wisconsin Wedding Spectacular Fashion Show.  Featuring Bridal Elegance, Belles of Elegance, Erica of Neenah, Sash and Bow, Tie the Knot, Chic Repeats, Private Quarters, Lady Savannah and DuBois Formalwear.  A beautiful stage and a great crew of models pulled together a fashion show without seven of the models that were stranded by the storm.   A fabulous dance routine was performed by TC Dance.  Live vocals by Tim Dorsey and Erin Vorgass added to the show.

Even though the heavens opened and we had a winter wonderland outside things were hopping inside Lambeau Atrium.  100 vendors were setup and ready to go for the show.   Even with the storm over 200 brides  weathered the blizzard.  Even though the attendance was about a quarter of the normal amount for this show vendors boasted success.  Hats off to the brides that came!!  Eleven inches of snow leaves a  big drift in the end of a driveway when the snow plow goes through.

Bridal Show Success

Let’s face it when going shopping and that’s what the brides are doing.  We look at the mannequins, window displays, racks with things hanging and things that are at eye level.  In general anything that is flat on a table doesn’t get touched.  If you don’t touch it and feel it you probably will not own it.  Come on girls admit it ..its all about how if feels and smells.  Think of a store when you plan your booth space.  Things on a level plane will  likely be missed (especially when you have a group of brides surrounding your table and they can’t get to the front of it to see what’s on it).  Try high cocktail table if you need to display postcards, business cards and other materials, and even then card holders will bring more attention than resting flat.   Or if you are putting it on the 8ft table, put risers, stands, anything to lift the material up closer to eye-level for the brides. The brides in the back will notice it as well.  Well that’s the tips for today…more tomorrow.

Bridal Show Signs

I attended a local bridal show yesterday.  They had a many vendors and many brides.  But as I walked through the show at least half of the vendors you couldn’t tell what they did or who they were.  A booth space with no sign is like having a store with out a sign.  Many of them had things out on the table, but  brides were stopping, they just walked right by.  Signs are not very expensive anymore.  You can order them on line or there are many local stores that will even help you with the imaging.   Bottom line don’t waste you money on doing a show if you don’t have a sign…

Another Day another Bride Spends another Dollar…

How do you get the brides to engage in a conversation.  Three things that come to  mind immediately.  First,  some kind of food that you hand to the bride.  Traffic will most definitely stop for food.  Let’s face it we are from Wisconsin and we like to eat!  Food presents an easy way to start a conversation.  Something that you specifically have to hand to the bride seems to do the trick.  Second, think outside the box for booth decorating.  Look for things that are interesting and appealing.  A different color rug on the floor, specialized furniture, a great video playing.  Keep you decorations upscale, rental stores offer excellent choices that you can rent for the day and return for a small investment. An elegant and inviting open concept will guide  traffic into your booth space.  Third, with even the best looking booth at the show unless you have a sign the clearly states your company name and what your business is you will probably get passed by.  More tips tomorrow!

Bridal Show Booth Placement

Booth placement is important!  In general the flow of traffic tend to go to the right, so when booking your booth ask for placement that will be on the right hand side of the show floor. Some times brides may decide to skip the last few rows, (which is usually on the left) so you don’t want them to skip you completely.  Most show promoters will provide a seating area, so when the bride is rested  she will continue with the balance of the show. Also, when deciding on your booth space, ask about other vendors around you. There may be another vendor at the show that will compliment your booth.  More tips tomorrow….

Be Your Best at a Bridal Show

As promised more hints for a successful bridal show.  Make your booth an “open” space. PLEASE DO NOT place the table at the front of your booth.  Why would you block your doorway?   Place tables at the back, or sides of your booth to give guests an open and welcoming area to talk.  This also gets brides out of the flow of traffic in the isles. Brides will be more relaxed if they feel they are not  holding up other attendees in the aisle ways.  This will also give you  more time to answer questions and spend time with them.

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