A New Years Gift of Visuelle Productions Bridal Shows

A New Years Gift of Visuelle Productions Bridal Shows.

This pretty much says it all…Happy New Year!!!!


Calling all Brides, Grooms and significant participants that help make the day wonderful for the special couple…….you are not going to want to miss!!!!

The Summer Bridal Showcase is the Summer Wedding Event of the year. Spend the day out with your special guy or gal at the Bridgewood Resort Hotel, Neenah. Located at 1000 Cameron Way, Neenah, Wisconsin 54956.  Over 60 vendors will be available to show you and let you sample all the new and exciting things for the discriminating bride in this beautiful setting. The evening will host a fabulous garden fashion show, starting at 7:30, with exciting entertainment prior to the show. Food and bar services are available on site. Come, relax and spend the evening being dazzled by every thing exciting for your wedding. Tickets $12.00 Register for a complementary one year subscription to Modern Bride Magazine,Fabulous Honeymoon Grand Prize and much more. Every bride receives a Gift bag filled with exciting gifts for the bride and groom. First 200 brides will receive a gift card for a matching wedding band set valued at up to $600.  Doors open at 4pm.

It Really is “All About the Dress”

It Really is “All About the Dress”.

It Really is “All About the Dress”

Little kids really amaze me.  Last week I was asked to do a Career Day Event for one of our area elementary schools.  Of course I said yes, because everyone knows that I can’t say no!  After putting the phone down panic started to set in.  How could I tell kindergarteners through 4th grade about my business so they wouldn’t stare at me with a blank face?  Planning process begins:  Girls like dress-up and boys like football.  So after a deep breath and a little more thought everything started to fall in place.   This is perfect, after all we do Bridal Expos and Fashion Shows and Bonus!  We do them at Lambeau Stadium.   Everyone knows that brides start thinking about their wedding from little girl on.  So let’s play off from that.  Of courses being a good planner and always trying to avoid a situation.  I quickly ordered some trinkets to hand out, just in case we were a bust!  For an extra touch there was an example of our gift bags full of goodies that we can give to the teachers and staff.

The day of the presentation came quickly and we scurried to get things together and get to the school.  Fifteen minutes until count down.  We carried our things in and proceeded to get our model dressed in a white wedding gown and veil.  While walking back to the room there were lots of surprised looks, not only from the kids but also the staff.  We were set to go with a bride model, a Welcome to Visuelle Productions Bridal Show sign, 2 computers and a bucket load of trinkets for the students.   Now ready, we anxiously awaited the buzzer and the first group of students.   Everything was in its place, a bride, an extra bridal gown, bridesmaid and mini bride/flower girl gowns, and the computers set to go when needed.  It was perfect!  Here we go…with the first group.

Let’s get started with talking about a Bridal Expo’s.  Where do I go with this so they will understand? Lots of blank faces from the boys and all the girls were whispering about the dresses.  And then came the surprise!  Once we started talking about numbers and how we use a room bigger than their gymnasium and divided it into areas to set up stores with bridal things in them.  They got it!  They even took paper and divided it out to see how many booths we could fit in. Then it was time to talk about fashion shows.  Of course all of the little girls were sitting on the edge of their seat by this time.  The boys it was another story.  One little boy’s hand went up and he announced that he did some modeling.  I heard a lot of snickering from the boys and comments about boys don’t model girls do.  By pointing out the models in our banner I tried to put that opportunity to rest, but of course there still were a few snickers.  Now to get the boys attention we switched to the Green Bay Packers and their faces lit up immediately.  Thank goodness for the video from Wisconsin Wedding Spectacular shows on the two computers from a show that we do at Lambeau Field.  Bonus!  It also included boys modeling!  Wow really avoided that one; there were no more snickers just lots of ahs!  The video starting out with Vince Lombardi on the screen a real hit and the boys were occupied at the computers.

This was a perfect chance to give our attention to the girls.  We talked about wedding dresses and miniature brides and flower girls and showed more dresses.  At that point we had stories about every little girl that was in a wedding, who was going to be in a wedding and who wanted to be in a wedding.  I am sure you get the drift of the conversation.  At his point we asked the best question of the day. “Who would like to learn how to walk and turn like a model?”  Of course all the girls’ hands went up.  Even a few boys joined in.  The girls were having a great time walking and talking with the model.  But mostly touching and feeling of the dress and veil.

What a wonderful experience to get the chance to share with all of these wonderful boys and girls.  The time flew by and it was time to leave, lots of hugs and high fives for our model and I heard them exclaim as they flew down the hall.  “I love the model and the dress!”  So I guess one more time it really is all about the dress! 

Thank you for coming to Career Day

Thank you for coming to Career Day. Can I touch the Dress?

Career Day

The Bride and Her Dress

Lets talk about the dress!  One of the most exciting days for a prospective bride is the day she starts her search for the perfect dress.

When trying on dresses for the first time, keep an open mind.  Try on fabrics and styles that you don’t think that you would even consider….you could be pleasantly surprised.  It has been my experience with a bride that wanted a beautiful lace dress, but tried on a satin dress that was just as beautiful and fell instantly in love.  That satin dress became the ONE, the one she could envision on her wedding day!  So ladies don’t  be surprised if the orignal thought of your perfect dress turns topsy turvy…go with it!  (this happens more than not)

When you go shopping, bring only a few people with you, not the entire wedding party.  Bring the people who know you and respect YOUR styles and opinions.  When you have a large group, the opinions about YOUR dress tend to be as large.  I have seen a brides faces light up in the dressing room, because she feel in love with the dress, turn to tears once she walked out to show her “group”.  Or, a bride talked into a dress she didn’t really like because others did and then later regret the decision and try to return the dress.  Most dress shops have placed the order specifically for you and have no return or cancellation policies.(I need to mention the shop owner did a wonderful job of working with this bride to get her into the dress of  HER dreams!)  If you are the one shopping with the bride, let her face be your guide.  Let her be the first to let you know how she feels about the dress.  Of course you don’t want your bride-to-be to buy a dress that doesn’t look good on her but stop to consider first, before you speak, is it the dress you don’t like!  Your “don’t like” might be her “love” it!

Now lets talk time line.    Make sure that you order you dress with plenty of time for shipping and then alterations.  I would say at least 8 months in advance, longer with some designers and custom changes. Remember your Bridal Shop is only given a tentative shipping date.  That is usually the date that is passed on to you.  With world events in Japan and China, the fakes that are trying to make it through customs and  believe it or not,the weather slows the shipment process down…….unfortunately your Bridal Shop has no control so don’t get mad if you dress(es) are not there they week they stated………..I have NEVER had a dress that didn’t get here in time!

Happy shopping  ladies!!!

Wisconsin Wedding Spectacular

Wisconsin Wedding Spectacular.

Exciting things were happening among the snow flakes at Lambeau Atrium.  Life size models lined the back of the stage at the  Wisconsin Wedding Spectacular Fashion Show.  Featuring Bridal Elegance, Belles of Elegance, Erica of Neenah, Sash and Bow, Tie the Knot, Chic Repeats, Private Quarters, Lady Savannah and DuBois Formalwear.  A beautiful stage and a great crew of models pulled together a fashion show without seven of the models that were stranded by the storm.   A fabulous dance routine was performed by TC Dance.  Live vocals by Tim Dorsey and Erin Vorgass added to the show.

Even though the heavens opened and we had a winter wonderland outside things were hopping inside Lambeau Atrium.  100 vendors were setup and ready to go for the show.   Even with the storm over 200 brides  weathered the blizzard.  Even though the attendance was about a quarter of the normal amount for this show vendors boasted success.  Hats off to the brides that came!!  Eleven inches of snow leaves a  big drift in the end of a driveway when the snow plow goes through.

Hello We have another wedding winner to announce…


We have another wedding winner to announce.   Brittany Deloria and Kyle Schaeffer have won Fox 11 Living’s Ultimate Wedding Giveaway!  They have won a $20,000 wedding package including:

Rings – Bay Area Diamond, $2,500 value
Dress – Bridal Elegance, $1,200 value
Reception Hall – Heritage Hill, Wedding August 5th, 2011- includes chapel and reception for up to 130 people, $2,500 value
Music – Music Caterer, $2,500 value; DJ entertainment, Photobooth and Flipbook services
Cake – Artistic Cakes, $800 value
Tux – Bridal Elegance, $200 value
Caterer – Mad Dog & Merrill, $2,500 value
Flowers – Phase 2 Floral, $800 value
Photographer – Caylor Photography, $2,500 value, assigned two hours prior to wedding until 8:30pm, 300 images, 5×7 prints of each, 1 11×14 portrait engagement session, with 10 proofs and 25 save-the-date cards
Hair and Makeup – Abracadabra Salon, $200 value
Wedding Planner – Details, $2,500 value
Videographer – PMG Productions, $1,200 value

The couple have lots to do before the big day of August 5, 2011!!!


Congratulations  Brittney and Kyle

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