Summer is just around the corner and what better way to escape the heat than throwing a gorgeous underground wedding!

Underground weddings have been around forever but are now gaining in popularity because they offer something for any type of wedding.

If you are going for a classy wedding, you can have it in an old wine cellar…images (2)

If you are bold you can hold you wedding in a cave with a lake….

Just look at the incredible photos you would be able to get with a lake cave! e5191edd5d9164e2cbb02f454b7ebb57.jpg

Or maybe you love the idea of a cave, but aren’t too thrilled about getting your dress wet…

download (1)

Or maybe you want something completely different altogether. One option is a to have your wedding in a basement with skylights.

download (2)

Whatever you choose, every wedding needs a great dinning area! Here are a few ideas to help you out…

downloadimages (1).jpg

Every wedding also needs some personal touches and what would be cooler than an underground boat if your space will allow it? images (3)

Another cute personal touch is to give your guests either peices of the cave you are being married in or sample of the water.  Jefferson+Underground+Wedding+Ceremony+and+Reception+Photos+by+Oldani+Photography+St.+Louis+Wedding+Photographers3.jpg

And what would a wedding be with out a cake?? For your underground wedding, why not go for a fabulous geode cake!

Wether you are going for classy… images (6).jpg


download (3)

images (7).jpg

Or water inspired…

images (4).jpg

So say “I Do” to these beautiful ideas!



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