Have you been excited for shark week?! Sometimes it just takes a little theme to get people excited! I don’t even watch anything on shark week, besides what I catch while walking through the living room when the hubs is relaxing, but I get hyped nonetheless! It just sounds fun…SHARK WEEK! Themes are fun in general no matter how literal or lightly influenced they make an event, it just helps you head in a direction that inspires you. So, in honor of exciting themes, I felt inspired to inspire you with some GREY + AQUARIUM “SHARK” styled weddings!

This would be a pretty fun SAVE the DATE! Shark style! 😉 Giving your guests a hint of the fun to come!


Here’s a beautiful shark-grey invite


A ceremony in an aquarium…this looks kind of awesome and unique! LOVE this!


You can even have little shark flower petal decor in your accent floral color…it’s all in the details! 🙂


Love the grey + navy combo…it feels very sharkish! 🙂


Love this mixture of shark-like-greys for bridesmaids


How great is decor…love the branches and flow of the decorations! To make it more sea like…add in some sea glass, star fish, shells, could be simply AWESOME!


AND then set it  ^^^ all up in this location! AAAA-MAZING! I want to be there NOW!


To add a little flare to your bar setup in the above aquarium! You could do something with an old net and barrels like this! Would add to the theme for sure!


For a fun ocean like drink…choose something blue and refreshing like an aqua velva! Have you had one of these before?! If not…do it! 1oz vodka, 1oz gin, 1oz blue curacao, and sprite….it’s delightful! 🙂


Grey cake…ummm yes! AND how pretty is this thang?!


Or this one?!


For added entertainment…a shark ice sculpture or drink louge!


AND your guest will love this…it’s a fact!


Now get back to your shark week watching! Hope you enjoyed! Have a happy Friday all!



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