{ 17 Ridiculously FABULOUS Ways to Decorate with RIBBON }

I have a serious LOVE for ribbon! Whatever holiday, birthday, shower, or celebration; I will find a way to use me some ribbon! These ideas kind of blow my little ribbon loving mind! SO simple, beautiful, and elegant! From backdrops to altars to chandeliers…here are 17 ridiculously fab ways to decorate your celebration with ribbon!

Love is sweet and so is that cake back drop! LOVE!


This is SOOO romantic and really a simple idea to decorate for your ceremony!


Okay…so I’m not exactly sure about the pinatas or donkeys…but if that is your thang…HEY you go for it! I just adore the color and flow of this altar…it’s pretty darn awesome!


Beautiful sun light…simple backdrop…love the length flowing into the grass!


Ribbon chandeliers! How AMAZING are these things?! I want to make one like yesterday!


Love the lighting with these transluscent pastel ribbons! This is all over beautiful!


Okay these hula hoop white light, ribbon chandeliers get me on EVERY level! FANTASTIC!


Simple and elegant…I can feel the love and their amazin’ style!


Now that chair is made for someone SPECIAL!


Photo booth time! How great is this and the burlap sign!!! Adorable!!! Might hang it a little lower, so it drapes on the floor a bit, but this so dang cute on so many levels! 🙂


Need some more vertical centerpieces?! These are pretty darn NEATO! That’s right I said it! NEATO! 😉


I love this whimsical feel and their ribbon color choices + polka dots!


These make me happy! Add some height to your decor! And seem soooo easy to create!


Birch + RIbbon + Florals + Candlelight = Dreamy


Now here’s some fun cake table decor! Branches + Crystals + Ribbon


This could be a little tedious…but the look is so worth it and I think could probably be done faster than one thinks! Get your ribbon tying friends together for decorating! Everyone take a roll!


Florals with ribbon for some more romance! I dig the idea!



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