{ 13 Ways to Deck Your AISLES with AWESOMENESS }

I think when planning weddings we are so overwhelmed by the amount of “things” to decorate…ourselves, our wedding parties, our cakes, our reception halls, the cocktail hour. It’s CRAZY the amount of details that go into a wedding. However, our grand entrance and aisles to our ceremony occasionally get forgotten! Not today my friends, not today! Whether it be simple or elaborate, outdoors or indoors…you can make the framing of your ceremony AWESOME by even the most quaint details! Here’s to making these gosh darn aisles AWESOME! 🙂

Okay…I may be a tad bias to the rustic lifestyle, being a northerner. BUT how simple and beautiful are these bouquets that are certain to get noticed from their log side tables. LOVE!


We’re all about the ombre look these days, hair, clothes, etc. Why not ombre your aisle?! Must admit…a girl is loving it and the other simplistic decor to go along with it!


One thing to think about with aisles…is the vertical! Make sure your awesome decor is seen! These ceiling swags plus chandeliers bring this look to a whole new level!


Okay, so this tree is a masterpiece in itself! I love the floral arrangements before entering and the simple decor leading to that beaut of a tree!


Let’s just say…I wanna hang out here! Looks downright candle-lighty-dreamy! LOVE the laterns, tons of candles and white lights. Warms a girl right up!


Curtains + chandeliers + greenery…it’s like a secret garden aisle! Gorg!


For more of a minimalist. Love this heart decor leading up to the altar…down right whimsical!


Swagging every other aisle chair + the line of petals! Perfect amount of color!


Love me some burlap! It seems to suit this beach wedding perfectly!


Here’s a pretty simplistic and very elegant aisle leading up to one heck of an altar! SO PRETTY!


Love the swag and floral arrangements. Beautiful, simple, and elegant for a church wedding!


Design a fun shape with your petals leading up to the altar. Its fun on the eyes and sooo pretty too!


To really deck your aisles! Add old fashion lights, plus mood lighting, plus candlelight, plus trees! Winter wonderland has been successfully pulled off here! 🙂


That’s your wedded inspiration for this beautiful Friday! Hope you enjoyed! Until next week! Have a great weekend lovebirds! 😉



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