Okay, so being a bit of a control freak, I always want to be in the know of what’s going on, what’s happening next, where it’s gonna be, etc. etc. Girl and mom problems, someone’s got to pay attention to life, because my husband and one year old are definitely on the outs for that task! 🙂 ANYHOW, love me a sign to keep a girl in the know! Whether it be location, menu, info on where to instagram my pics, or just plain lovey-dovey! I digs it! Here are some GREAT wedded signs, with awesome wording just to give you all some big day idears!

Glad to know a girl is at the right place…plus so welcoming! Feeling wedding excited already! 😉


Love the flow of this sign + different fonts! A girl appreciates being in the know!


I possibly just really LOVE this BEST DAY EVER phrase! You see it, you say it, you make that happen! 🙂


My favorite wording for sit wherever the heck you like people! 🙂


Marriage is most definitely a journey! Love this isle sign to keep guests from walking down the center if you have a runner, flower petals, or just plain don’t want it all stomped up! 😉


How adorable is this sign setup! Keep it unique to you and your partner! Details like this are the best!


Okay one thing I just learned that is SOOOO easy! Did you know you can write on black cardstock with chalk?! Seems like a pretty simple idea and SOOOO adorable! Cut some twine, cut your cardstock in your preferred banner style, and chalk some adorable messages up!


Great for a dessert table! Love me some treats! 🙂


On so many levels TRUE words! I love being together with my hubs, and my family, and my friends! I LOVE being “together”…it is a gosh darn BEAUTIFUL place to be! 🙂


Love this simple log sign! Got someone who knows how to use a chainsaw (I don’t trust myself with one of those thangs), most of us do! Get a great slab, some chalkboard paint, chalk it, WAAA-LAAA! I think this could be awesome for table numbers too! Just sayin’! 🙂


Thank you for telling me, “What’s for dinner?” It’s a crisis every day when I try to pull together my brain to think about…thank you for making it easy on me! Phewww! 🙂


And of course…and instagram sign! These are all the rage…but I think so important! Your guests love taking pics of celebrating too! Also, adore the sign decor!


Okay…that’s this Friday’s wedded inspiration! Hope you feel inspired lovebirds! Till next week, keep it LOVE-ly! 🙂



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