{ The RING shot…these ones “ROCK” }

Wedding photography is awesome these days! Not that it wasn’t always…but the amount of awesomeness and creativity that comes with digital images is pretty spectacular. Plus, photographers these days have taken on a whole new level of documenting details of your wedding day. If you look at your parents and grandparents wedding albums, most likely there isn’t a ring shot, a shoe shot, etc. etc. The details photos are somewhat a new era of wedding photography and the creativity of some of these detail shots is downright beautiful and telling of who you are! Here are few ring shots that I think “ROCK”…dorky pun totally intended! 🙂

Okay, being a fur child lover…I TOTALLY adore this! Hopefully he doesn’t think it’s a treat! EEKS!


This is shoe is FABULOUS…the rings and reflections make this shot perfection!


I feel spring! How sweet is this?!


“Tying the knot”?! 🙂 The perspective on this is delightful!


Golfer in the house! Fantastic!


Sweetness. Love this.


Awesome and earthy. I can’t imagine that it’s an easy task to line your grass up perfectly like that either! Gorg.


For my beach loving brides. How stunning is this?!


On your fave cocktail?! I dig it!


For my Wisconsinites…I know you all love your big bucks! 🙂


If a guitar is a big part of who you are….love this creative idear!


Simply. Lovely.


Leather and diamonds…what a fantastic combo!


Black and white and sparkly! Very pretty!


Hope you enjoyed some ring shots that rock! That’s your wedded inspiration for this Friday! For more wedded inspiration don’t miss Visuelle Productions upcoming bridal show! The Wisconsin Wedding Spectacular is happening Sunday, March 29 from 10:30am to 3:00pm in Green Bay at the Radison Conference Center! With 60 of Wisconsin’s most wonderful wedding vendors, you are sure to be feeling the love! Now get there and get your plan on “for the best day of your life”!



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