{ 11 Unique Engagement Rings That’ll Make You Swoon }

Okay! Now we’ve all seen the round cut solitaire, white gold-platinum, haloed beautiful diamonds. WHICH I MUST ADMIT…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!  My ring is pretty darn traditional and I LOVE this thing to gosh darn pieces! BUT this blog post is for those of you looking to step outside the round cut box! Don’t get me wrong…there are some traditional aspects to this post, but I tried to find some unique looks that I loved to inspire a girl! Hope you enjoy!

Let’s start off with this gold and rose gold stunner! Love the shape, love the colors…this ring is a BEAUT and I bet your girlfriend won’t have it!


Kinda of loving this raw cut ring! It’s a statement for certain!


How do you feel about a black diamond? I think this is the way to do one…


Are you a minimalist? This is unique and makes a statement! Guessing the gold open band is maybe the wedding band? Love the thought and creativity put into this look.


Now to the sheer opposite of minimalist! I’m clearly not a minimalist…I would wear this stunner ANY DAY! 3 diamond halo…WHATTT?!


OKAY…in LOVE with the shaping and different size diamonds encasing this solitaire, as well as, the daintiness of the band to make the boldness stand right on out! BEAUTIFUL!


Unique shapes make swoon. Love the flow of this ring.


How detailed and beautiful is this guy?! Ahhhhhh! That’s right, I am screaming over it!


Raw uncut stones with beautiful shaping and lines. Now that is art. Amazing.


I call this the snowflake ring! Isn’t it pretty?! This is how to do a statement, beautiful engagement ring on a budget without a large solitaire! I wouldn’t argue with this as an option!


I love the rose gold and the daintiness of the surrounding bands! I feel like it’s a kaleidoscope of sparkles! Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!


Okay, that’s my wedding inspirations for this fine Wednesday! Now, for more inspiration, if you are engaged, soon to be engaged, or just plain old heart weddings like yours truly; Visuelle Productions Spring Wedding Spectacular is THIS WEEKEND!!! Sunday, February 22 to be exact from 10:30am to 3:00pm at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center! We’ll have SIXTY of Northeast Wisconsin’s most wonderful vendors and you are certain to be inspired for planning “the best day of your life”…so get there! 🙂


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