Wanna have the BEST celebration EVER for you wedding day? I totally think music is key! Bands, DJs, etc. Give me some music and I’ll be entertained all night, HOWEVER, I’m not EVERYBODY! And EVERYBODY doesn’t have the same taste in dancing music; so, here are some fun and pretty simple ideas to keep your guests entertained incase the DJ “isn’t” playing their song! 🙂

A Photo Booth! These have become pretty popular for weddings these days and guests LOVE them! Jump on the photo booth wagon and rent one for your big day!


Give them props and masks! These are some of my FAVE kind of masks! HILARIOUS!


Give them a chalkboard prop to write you a message, advice, etc. These are great for guest book ideas with polaroid cameras!


Have your guests hashtag and instagram their photos…it’s fun to do and EVERY photo looks better with a little filter!


Now this is a FUN idea! Get a character artist for the reception! Your guests will LOVE this! Oh my gosh…I LOVE this!


How about a little cornhole! It’s a fact…EVERYONE LOVES CORNHOLE!


How about gals versus guys! Fun little competition!


A super sized Jenga game! I dare you to walk by one of these things and not “WANT” to pull out a block!


I love life size portraits! I actually paint these for fun! Not joking! Have one that suits you as a couple and guests will have a hoot with it!


Game table! Some people are dancers, some are card players! This is such an easy way to make sure all of your guests have a GREAT night!


Flat shoes sometimes just can’t fit in a clutch! Keep your friends and family on the dance floor with this idea! Their feet will thank you!


KIDS TABLE! Give them an “I SPY” scavenger hunt and a camera! They’ll be entertained for hours. Their parents will thank you, plus who knows you might just have a mini future photographer on your hands!


Coasters are sometimes a VERY needed accessory! PLUS, what a neat way for guests to think of some advice for you at their convenience!


Okay, how fun is this?! I don’t know if it’s a boy thing?! BUT, my husband wanted a shot ice sculpture SOOOO bad and I shrugged off his excitement! OOPS! I do wish I would have surprised him with one…it looks SUPER fun and is darn pretty too! Would be perfect for an ice monogram?! Just sayin’… 🙂


That’s your weekly FUN wedding inspiration! I hope it adds a little entertainment to your Monday! Now don’t forget for more wedded inspiration, Visuelle Productions has a bridal show coming to Appleton at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center on February 22, 2015! Mark your calendars! Cheers!



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