{ Make a STATEMENT…with your NECKLACE }


Are you a statement maker or a less is more bride?! I had a fellow bride ask me my opinion on necklaces this weekend, and I must admit, I felt so honored to be a source of advice for her wedded concerns! HOWEVER, her question was somewhat of a conundrum for yours truly, as I say; I LOVE all fashion, including subtle and statement jewelry. I truly believe a person should dress in whatever makes them feel good, personally, I find myself dressing for statement, but I’m also a lover of minimalistic accessories too! So, my answer to that is to wear whatever speaks to YOU! A few necklace guidelines may be: If your dress is overly detailed, beaded, or embroidered; especially near your neckline, make sure you wear a necklace that adds to the look and doesn’t conflict. Also, watch your necklace lengths and where they fall in comparison to the neckline of your dress. ALWAYS try your jewelry on with your dresses at fittings, you’ll know right away if something isn’t falling quite where it needs to be or if it’s clashing with the details of your dress!

And besides yourself, what about your bridesmaids?! Many brides like to gift their bridesmaids necklaces. If you do decide to give necklaces as gift, how do you make sure all your bridesmaids like their necklace? When it comes to gift giving, I normally follow the rule of giving people things I LOVE or something that downright screams their style! However, bridesmaids accessories can really add to the feel of your style for the day. Especially if, let’s say the bridesmaids are wearing statement red necklaces that match their statement red shoes! All in all, choose a look you would LOVE to wear, however, let their opinions be heard too. Bridesmaids are your beautiful and loving essentials on your day, if you’re questioning how they feel about their look, ask them! They’ll love feeling beautiful with you on your big day!

This blog contains both large and minimal statement pieces I HEART for brides and bridesmaids! I hope you enjoy! Here’s for a future bride, Mary, hope this gives you and all you bridal beauties some neckline inspiration!


Starting you all off with the traditional + simple + beautiful… PEARLS! Didn’t see that coming, did you?! 🙂 I’m a traditionalist at heart…can’t help myself!






Okay, one of my favorite looks! Love this layered statement maker!




For my sparkle lovers…how beautiful is this J.Crew stunner!





How simple and surprising.





I LOVE this look! Unique + Beautiful





This IS a NECKLACE! OHHH MY WOW! What a fun statement!





Love the daintiness of this chain.





How about a simple stamp of your husband’s initials on one + yours on the other! It’d kill me with cuteness!





The flow of her veil to necklace makes me happy.




Flirty and floral.




Detailed neckline…here’s a simple stunner.




Love a few layers of pearls and this bouquet!!!








Here’s a sparkly statement!





Layered lovelies





This necklace is made for this dress!






Rope necklace…LOVE…




Similar embellishment to her waistline…LOVE THIS LOOK!





Beautiful bib necklace





Hello Yellow





Bridesmaid LOVE:

I heart these girls’ pearls!





Bridesmaids would love these accessories!





Simple and stunning!




Mix and Match! Same color, but different design…LOVE!




Okay, my bridal beauts! That’s the good word this fab Friday! Hope you enjoyed and feel the neckline inspiration! AND for all your inspiration and wedding planning needs, Visuelle Productions Spring Bridal Show is coming up February 22, 2015 at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center…you should probably go and enjoy some wedded lovelies and great vendors!


Til next time,




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