{ Emerald I dos }


I’m a tad bit obsessed with emerald right now, I must admit my fave color to wear is black, black, and more black! However the pop of emerald accessories have been intertwining their way into my wardrobe! So, inspiration struck! Emerald inspiration it is for this week! Plus, it feels somewhat Christmasy and I may have mentioned, I’ve also been obsessing over that lately too! ANYWHO, get your emerald awesomeness fix here…NOW! 🙂

Emerald invites with sparkle on the inside of the envelope! AHHHHHHH!


Okay, I may have had too much fun with emerald accesssories!

How great is this pop of color with the white…ummm…fantastic!


For my blingy beauties…how about this Harry Winston stunners:


Or how GORGEOUS are these?!


How about this beautiful uncut emerald…ahhh…in LOVE!


Strappy + Sparkly Shoes


Or some Gucci classics like these:


Either way…you must have a fabulous emerald clutch…maybe something like this stunner:


And if it’s a bit chilly outside…a little Princess Kate inspiration with this beautiful emerald wrap jacket:


Your bridesmaids would love you forever if you dressed in a beautifully structured gown like this:


How about table settings! I may be a tad bias to emerald and gold…maybe it’s the Packer fan in me…but it sure looks pretty! 🙂


However, this emerald and black looks pretty awesome too:


How beautiful is this cake! Take a closer look of the fine embossed detail and the succulents add the perfect amount of emerald!


That is your Friday emerald inspiration! Hope you enjoyed and are feeling green in a good way, not with envy! Thanks for reading!



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