You know what’s wonderful about Wisconsin?! The seasons! Yeah sometimes winter may last a bit too long, BUT I still always look forward to the warm and fuzzy feeling I get with the first snow or the beauty of the pine trees all heavy with sparkly, white fluffy stuff, or even the beauty of a country landscape blanketed in the white! Now, it may get cold here sometimes, BUT, I think we forget an outdoor wedding in Wisconsin is still a possibility! With the beauty of gas heaters and fire places, warm beverages, you can create a romantic winter ceremony in the Northwoods no guest will be soon to forget! Here is fifteen ideas why it would be the “COOLEST” warm and fuzzy wedding EVER!

1. You can let mother-nature decorate for herself! How stinkin’ amazing is this landscape and ceremony backdrop?!


2. You can get married at the bottom of a ski hill like this!


3. You can get it all warm and cozy while looking awesome too by doing this:


4. You can add cozy touches like this for your guests! I know this is inside…but you could do this for your outside seating beautifully!


5. Or like this:


6. You could arrive on a sleigh and that would be AWESOME! Plus it’s a great photo opp moment for below too! Who doesn’t LOVE sleigh rides!?


7. You can takes pictures like this! They are pretty awesome when the snow catches the right light!!!


8.  You can wear fur (or faux fur) and it look like a serious classy gal!


9. Or if you’re not into fur…how ADORBS and FANCY is this cape and mittens!


10. Or you could also accessorize more casual and fantastic like this! AHHH…love this pic!


11. You can get dreamy floral shots with beautiful backgrounds!


12. Water + Snowy fog = Magical! (Also, another idear for great cold weather accessorizing!)

31761f691f3c865ed1b93eb0cd26b86f c3ba070ee5f9a560f4eac1e007522262

13. You can get romantic wedding photos like this:


14.  Lovely  + Festive + Simple Decor


15. I must say this looks like a pretty magical place to get married:


After a beautiful and magical outdoor winter wedding…bring all you guests inside to drink warm cocktails and dance the night away!!! P.S. Don’t forget to invite me…I like winter parties! NOW, remember Visuelle Productions Fall and Winter Wedding Spectacular is going on THIS SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2 in Appleton at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center 10:30am to 3:00pm! You know you wanna be there…it’s going to be FABULOUS!!! Happy HALLOWEEN Friday friends!!!



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