{ 20 DReaMy AltArS to SaY I Do }

Now, you’re not going to believe this…back in the day when I got married…I didn’t have a decorated altar…WHATTTT! How could I? Sad story…I know! I just didn’t think about it. I thought about reception decor, cocktail table decor, gift table decor, church pew decor, but the backdrop where we said our I dos…nada!  Granite, we got married in a church with a beautiful stain glass backdrop, however, I still didn’t add a much needded Missy touch. I just didn’t know better! Now, I do and I’m filling you bridal beauties all in, so you don’t make the same mistake! It’s easy to add a little personal beauty to your momentous ceremonial awesomeness! Here’s 20 great ways…some elaborate…some simple…nonetheless great ways to add beauty to a beautiful moment you’ll remember forev. Enjoy lovebirds.

1. The seating and setup! Fall perfection!6d14e19fd8337ac03473837c36185273

2. Now, when I say dreamy…I mean dreamy! 7426c174f56906723f24dcd5d72c69af

3. Stunning! No other words. f56462f223d683936788ed9a7db1ea16

4. How about some AWESOME driftwood for your ocean front nups! SO COOL!c3939308ce8df809af21db9eb5771b42

5. Floral wrapping to make the perfect ceremonial structure with a little modern chandelier. feea76ff4ea1f6d7d675fc03f47034e4

6. LOVE, these FLORALS! Sidenote…love that wedding dress slit…yowza!7960893aa9b5b677a2aea93a90ad0777

7. Mother nature often offers us great altars by just adding a few accessories. a3338bfb07ce2b1f1ef8f5ab7fb68637

8. Sooo sparkly…sooo romantic.89e3ffc7f701d9b88cd4a5dccfecb41a

9. Birch + white flowers + water + LOVE! AMAZING! ba0e36ebe7bd2b6409e853fb03544299

10. Exposed brick…rugs…classic round lights…flowing drapings…YESSS!8d6d7d1a0e30fa60f9407f539ee0ee4c

11. Love this structure and the sign.


12.  How but trees…plus horizontal branches AND PEARLS! This is GREAT!8c8db22c735468a02c1703b19931ee89

13. Indoors with beautiful backdrop…frame it awesomely…like this! cc6a3099d5ab97c55adf66ce5fe983f0

14. Curtains with a floral garland for that little extra volume and perfect for tying back!8a1d467b635cbb5e99d9cd963568403e

15. Ummm…one of my favorite combos…rustic + crystals! 2169c8d475b5418c1274620a64e966ee

16.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the simplicity of this look and the asymmetrical placement of the florals.3de9ba53287dfbc3c14869b9b5c09c73

17.  Another simple arch, almost looks like railroad ties?! But again, perfectly placed asymmetrical florals!272def3a6f4be2ebf3b311d3b04caa10

18. With nature as your structure…just add in perfectly placed lighting and flowers! LOVE THIS shabby-sheek look!3bd5bcaab0237047a7b21ec5c041c206

19.  Now that is a doorway I would love to walk through! THIS is FANTASTIC and may I add…pretty darn dreamy.c055714f1ae4c1a1d5dde92d9d1c066b

20. An outdoor fireplace layered in candles! At dusk, I can only imagine the perfect candlelit backdrop this would be to say, ” I do.”c5aa379ca49c997512c607b23c8f8b33

Okay lovelies! That’s the inspiration for today! Hope you enjoyed! Happy Friday and remember more inspiration is coming very soon! Get to Visuelle Productions Fall Wedding Spectacular Sunday, November 2 in Appleton at the PAC 10:30am to 3:00pm! You’ll be certain to feel even more excited “for the best day of your life”!



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