{ FALL in LOVE with the TREATS of FALL }


May I start by saying to my fellow northerners…happy fall wedding season friends! (And to my not-so-notherner readers…I don’t mean to leave you out!!! If it makes you feel any better…we promise to be very jealous of your warmer weather ways in a few short months!) The joy and appreciation for the change of seasons is what keeps “most” of us northerners here, instead of those nice warm Florida Keys! Once you’ve grown up here, you can’t help but love that first crisp fall day, the first snow, the first breezes of spring, AND SUMMER…ohhhh summer…we practically hold out breath to make it last longer! The moral of the story is there are joys and treasures we adore about each time of year; and the comforts of those seasons are special to add into the details of your love day. Fall harvest time gets us enjoying an array of treats and they’re great way to incorporate the season into your day! Here’s a few idears my FALL loving FRIENDS! 🙂


Okay…this cake or cupcake flavor just sounds DELICIOUS! Pumpkin spice with caramel cream cheese frosting…Oh…MY…YUM!




Caramel apples…AND PRETTY caramel apples at that! What guest wouldn’t love one of these as a favor!

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Okay…so for some reason I always incorporate milk and cookies as a fall thing…school starting-kinda treat! I think this suits probably any season…but how delighted as a guest would you be to see these little treats coming around for a late night treat!





The cuteness of a mini pie is unbearable! How adorbs and delicious do these things look!



Bite size pumpkin pies…I may be in heaven!




Have you seen these things?! They call them PIE POPS…I’ve decided I HEART PIE POPS before even taste testing! Cuteness on a stick!




Caramel corn = HAPPINESS




Or if you want more options for the snack happiness of your guests…how about this! EVERYBODY loves popcorn…I “think” it’s a FACT?! 🙂





Have you seen this FUN idea…WEDDING s’mores?! You can even fancy it up like in the picture below…flavored marshmallows, choices of chocolates, etc. One of these at your wedding…I’m in ASAP!





Add a little apple cider for a seasonal drink?!



Or how about a signature drink…have you ever had a hot apple cider cocktail…UMMM…AMAZ-ING!



Or more kid-friendly option…apple cider floats…doesn’t that sound YUMMERS?!




Okay and finally, one of my FAVORITE cold weather party ideas!  A HOT COCOA BAR! UMMMM…YES PLEASE! And let’s not be bias…how bout a HOT BAR?! Cocoa, coffee, and cider with all the fixings and additives (chocolate, white chocolate, peppermint, caramel, marshmallows, maybe a little something-something for the guests over 21) to warm those sweet little guests of yours up in a hot minute!





Okay, that’s the FUN FALL TREATS to add to your LOVE DAY!  Hope you enjoyed…think I’m gonna make myself some hot cocoa now…mmmtay! Happy Friday my friends! AND don’t forget for more wedding inspiration, don’t miss Visuelle Productions upcoming Bridal Show: Sunday, November 2 at the Performing Arts Center in Appleton 10:30am through 3:00pm!




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