{ It’s a great day for a PLAID wedding }



Maybe it’s my Wisconsin upbringing, but a girl must admit, I LOVE ME a GOOD PLAID! Fall is upon us, it’s a great time of year for changes in home decor and wardrobes, and let me tell you, it makes me downright GIDDY! You’re darn tooting, I’ll be sporting a flannel tunic with my leggings and riding boots this fall and probably drinking pumpkin spice coffee while doing so, that’s just how us northerners do; we have to cozy ourselves up for the pending freeze.  Let’s get talking about fall and winter weddings! WHOOT! There’s so many elements to add that warm and cozy feeling to your chilly/ish weather wedding; candlelight, lit fireplaces, warm lighting, hot drinks, comfort food, and PLAID! Another highlight is that, “Baby it’s cold outside” feeling adds a whole other layer of romance. Something about being cooped up in a cabin, in the snow, staying warm by a fire; is romantic, right?! I think so!  So, how about plaid in a wedding?! It can be done! It can definitely be done for a rustic themed wedding, but can also be done more subdued for an elegant look, as well! Burberry has an awesome plaid we all know for a reason, it classic, and AWESOME!  ANYWHO, here’s a couple of ways to incorporate a little plaid in your love day! So, to get you feeling cozy on this ALMOST fall day…GRAB your coffee and enjoy a little plaid wedding inspiration!


Let’s start with engagement photos,  fall is great time for them! Plus, who doesn’t love a Merry Christmas and Save the Date card!








Plaid invites?! I think yes! AND they can suit many a color scheme!






Speaking of different plaid color schemes! Here’s a few! AND how great would all these be for guests for an outdoor fall wedding OR cover ups for the bride and bridesmaids! Could be awesome…just saying… 🙂




Ohhh girl, get yourself some plaid shoes for under that white dress! How cool are these! AND what a fun surprise when you lift up that dress!




This plaid throw is adding a great back drop for the details of your day.




Plaid table runners! I think YES!




For the fellas, this will help “TIE” in your inspiration… 🙂



Or, for a more relaxed, outdoor wedding, the guys could wear something like this?!




NOW, here’s a look that, I must admit, I’m KIND OF in love with! Okay, so AFTER the I dos, a bride just might need a way to warm up, accessorize, or maybe just add to the theme of her day! Check out this neat idea…it’s kind of ADORBS!




Another look, plus LOVE this hair!




Okay, this completes your plaid inspiration for your fall-ish feeling Friday! Hope you are feeling inspired, excited for cooler weather, or at least a little coffee buzzed my ladies! For more wedding inspiration this fall, don’t forget to attend our upcoming bridal show in Appleton at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center, November 2 from 10:30am to 3:00pm! Cheers beauties!

~ Missy


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