Wedding Balloons. *sigh* Remember the 80s! And 90s can be thrown in there too. We loved us some balloons back then, but how could you not! The wedding balloon decor of that period was overdone, to say the least; like many new ideas can be! No worries 80s and 90s; we won’t hold it against you, if anything you’ve helped us learn and grow! Balloon decor of the 2010s has been modernized and minimal-ized and whims-ified AND AWESOME-ified in a MUCH better way! From decor, to accessories, a few balloons here and there can’t help but add a little enjoyment and whimsy…and who doesn’t enjoy a little-cutie-patootie-WHIMSY?!? AND the next best part; you know what you do with all those balloons when the party is over?! Find the nearest child and make them the happiest little creature for the next week of their cute little lives! Moral of the story is BALLOONS = HAPPY! 🙂 Here is some inspiration for balloon fabulous-ness! Don’t get carried away now… 😉

This photo has officially inspired next weeks blog! Can you guess?! Okay, okay, I’ll tell you! I’m bad at keeping secrets anyway! Carnival Themed Weddings! WHOOT! How fun does that sound! Plus it’s almost August and you know what that means?! The fair is in town! HEYO! Watch for it next week to enjoy the awesomeness! BUT, back to BALLOON EXCITEMENT for now, try to control yourselves… 🙂


Need a little height for your dessert table…mission accomplished AWESOMELY!


Fun, whimsical props…FANTASTIC!




Or how about these table set ups!



A great photo with your flower girls…they’ll FLIP their little lids walking into a room like this!


Is this tree decor the COOLEST or what! (I’ve heard for these downward hanging balloons, the trick is to put a rock in the balloon and then blow up.)


I heart an American Gothic-esque photo with BALLOONS and FLOWERS…good things, good things.


Love the placement of these pretty little floaters…great for a photo opp background for you and your guests!



Simple and pretty!


AND there’s no way you’ll have a pouting flower girl with a balloon…right?!



Don’t you feel happier now?! I told you balloons make people happy! Hope you enjoyed! Have a WHIMSICAL rest of your WEDNESDAY!

~ Missy


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