2013’s Best Honeymoon Locations


Some couples can spend years planning their dream wedding while others do it in six months. Regardless of how long it takes you to say “I Do”, one of the most anticipated events for a newlywed couple is the honeymoon.

There are so many resorts and island destinations that offer newlyweds great deals for an unforgettable honeymoon. While the reception is suited for celebrating with family and friends, the honeymoon is special because it’s just the two of you in a romantic location.

The Travel Channel has provided a list of the 2013 top most romantic honeymoon spots around the globe.

The Maldives – these tiny islands evoke perfection. You can stay in your private over the ocean bungalow and soak your toes into the crystal clear water. Take a romantic walk on the tiki torch lined beach and enjoy a private dining experience in the sand.

Maui, Hawaii – this location is ideal for romance and adventure. The island boasts a stunning rainforest, volcano and white sandy beaches. Honeymooners can enjoy horseback rides along the spine of the volcano, a hike through the vistas of jungle or a swim under a beautiful waterfall.

Fiji – there’s much to do on these islands, but you could easily spend the day soaking up the sand on the beach. Jagged cliffs provide the perfect backdrop to midday picnics, swims in the ocean or cuddling under a cabana. Fiji is just gorgeous.

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands – this island is on 8.5 miles long, which means you’ll get all of the intimacy and privacy you want. Surrounded by natural and secluded beaches, you will enjoy all of the simple comforts this island provides.

Italy – with beautiful history, a rich culture and all the romance in the world, Italy is a must-see. Whether meandering along the streets or being serenaded in a gondola, Italy is a most desirable places for honeymooners.

For more information about these locations and the resorts available for accommodations, feel free to read the complete article at http://www.travelchannel.com/interests/romance-and-honeymoons/articles/2013s-most-romantic-honeymoon-destinations.

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