Wedding Theme: DIY

Hello there lovelies,

It’s Jess! Back for some more blogging fun! Once again, a new theme. This one is DIY or, Do It Yourself weddings! woot. It’s all about bringing out the crafter in you and hopefully saving some hard earned money. At least those are the reasons I can think that most would go this route. Along with just simply how friggen cute these ideas are!

Make sure if you are planning on going this route that you, 1. Have enough time!!! For all the projects you plan, 2. have enough product for your projects, if you run out, be prepared for the store to have restocked new product depending on what your doing and where you are getting things. And 3. for invites and other such things, KNOW YOUR INTENDED GUEST NUMBER!!! You can ending up wasting a lot of time and money if you don’t plan first. And we don’t want that!! Extra money means a bigger and better honeymoon, right?! 🙂  ( thought so, you know what I’m saying 😉 )
SOO, here we go!

No DIY ring, Fortunately! Unless your groom decides to get one custom made, which would be Brilliant! But, I figured the best way to start here is getting your guests to come to the wedding! These cute doily envelopes are made by hand. Like in all of my other blogs, you can find the links to the pictures on my pinterest. These ones are especially important because most of these have better instructions on their original sites to actually show you what to do!

And after you have your pretty little envelopes you need something to fill them with! These wedding invites don’t match the colors exactly but that’s just a different choice of paper, so no worries.

Now, this one was hard to find something for DIY, the wedding dress. I feel the easiest way to do it yourself for a gown would be to take an old dress and make it fabulous. This bride actually did that with the gown she has on, adding doilys to it. I must say, its fabulous.

This bride has DIY bridesmaids gowns in her wedding. One way of doing this is just using mismatched dresses that are summer dresses. Now I’m not quite sure if these are hand made dresses, but! Another way to include DIY in this is by adding the colored tulle under the dresses. That would be a super simple project to spice up and plain dress and you can do different colors for all the girls or just to fit your theme.

This is just a little DIY makeup tutorial I found. Super simple and would look good on most eye types! And you never have to go that dramatic, but I figured I’d give a little Bam action to this!

This hair style is gorgeous and as shown, super simple as well! There are clearly sooo many great ways to save a little bit of money on your wedding plans!

This shoe goes perfectly with the doily theme, which there is actually a bunch more of on my pinterest. Seriously, these are all so simple! I can’t get over it. Just take a plain old pair of shoes and jazz them up! Love it!

These nails. Oh My Gosh, I’m so obsessed with these nails! It’s a newspaper imprint on them! Once again, you can find detailed instructions on my pinterest. I just thought everyone should be able to enjoy this fantastic idea. Super chic!

This necklace is made from ribbon and brooches. Again, really easy and really dramatic. This look is really popular right now and this is so simple and so much cheaper than the store bought counter parts! Love this look.

Here’s a unique idea for a bouquet. Although I think these are actually available for sale on, they are origami flowers. SOO in order to keep the DIY theme alive, you would just have to google some easily readable instructions and get some pretty printed paper. And those buttons are oh so adorable on top of the flowers as well. The best part, these beautiful flowers will never wilt on you!! So they’ll be around to cherish and hold your memories for a lifetime.  ( I especially love the ones that look like they were made from book pages!)

This is probably the cutest darn idea for a guest book ever! Just take any old puzzle, find one at a garage sale for super cheap, with pieces big enough to write a blurb on, put them in a cute vase and have your guests write on the back of the piece! Put it all together and frame it for your very own, super cute and ready to look at guest book!

Now take note, this cake was not a DIY project, but the inspiration I get from this is to make your own cake, cover it with fondant…or just frosting for those culinary challenged ones of you! Then make a bazillion cupcakes, depending on how many guests you have attending of course and put them on display like this! Wonderful and would be simple enough. Then make some more of your origami flowers and add them to the decorations. This light is actually a paper lantern with strips of paper layered over the whole thing. I think it gives it an awesome effect. Once again, on pinterest I have a doily lantern tutorial pinned. It’s fabulous. There are just so many pictures I can’t post on each blog because I don’t want to start boring all of you!

This idea is fantastic. Take old flatware, again this can be found at garage sales, or goodwill, and write your guests names on them for seating place cards. Too cute.

This next idea is fabulous, I haven’t finished looking into the tutorials yet, so I’m not entirely sure on how it works, BUT, you can use a orange as a candle! Can you imagine how delicious this would smell?? Not only for a fresh smelling wedding, but in your kitchen. I so need to figure this out and get it in my house!

And lastly we have these cute candle vases. Simply take old glasses or vases and put rubber bands around them in different patterns and spray paint to your hearts content! Once again, broken record here, but I have a cute doily VASE idea on pinterest. It’s not practical for holding water or candles, but would be a great addition to centerpieces with a paper flower or even fresh flowers in them. Just realize that they are mainly for the look and not the practicality side. =]

So hope you enjoyed these ideas, and gain plenty of inspiration for your own wedding!

To see the credit information for these and other ideas follow myself or Visuelle on Pinterest! :) Happy Monday all, and watch for more fantastic blogs from Visuelle!

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