Wedding Theme: PEACOCK

Hey there,

Jess here, bringing you another wedding theme. This time I’m doing another very popular theme this season and that is Peacock!!!!!!! It’s everywhere and the wedding ceremony is no exception! So here’s a little bit of inspiration to help you on your way.

Starting out again is a ring inspired idea, this one though is to keep the rings safely on their way to the bride and groom. Now along with adding feathers here and there, a good start to setting up your peacock themed wedding is to include deep jewel tones like this purple and and blue. Along with bright pops of teal and green!

Next up, a crazy idea for a dress! This first one is probably something you’ll want to stray away from. If you click on the link on my Pinterest you’ll actually find that its a designer gown made in China worth about 1.5…so unless you’re super rich or driven to recreate this yourself!! It’s just a fun dress to look at! On the wayyyy more conservative side, here’s a pretty gown that would fit the feathery theme, in a bit less dramatic way…but Gorgeous none the less! Now under that dress 😉 Something to be found and thrown possible! The garter!! This is super cute and simple but fits the theme perfectly! I think for this theme, its really all about the accessories and details…just accessorizing with a few feathers here and there says a lot! Next up is the makeup for the beautiful bride (and bridesmaids if you feel like sharing!) Stunning and not too over the top I think! Now onto probably one of my favorite parts! The shoes 🙂 These are just adorable and I’m sure I would get my moneys worth out of these bad boys…Leave the plain white stilettos at home and try these on for size!Now for the women that have been supporting you (hopefullY!) The whole way through. This is a beautiful color that is sure to pop on any skin tone and the dress would just really fall great on any body type because of the design with the ruching and such. . Keep in mind with this theme there are so many directions you can choose to go with color, like all black with bright peacock colored details or purples or greens. I just really think this shade would look great on everyone, and to all those blue eyed beauties, it will surely make your eyes  pop!

Here are a few cute flower ideas for the men as well as for any special ladies taking part in the wedding. These boutonnieres are gorgeous and have plenty of inspiration to give you an idea of what to create for your own special bouquet! The first is shown with a beautiful lilac colored Calla lily and the second , well to be quite honest I don’t know what each of those flowers are…but! Not to worry, I’m sure the florist you choose will have a much more professional flower eye than I do and can match that up for you! This next bouquet (again, I’m unsure of all the flower names…not to good with that! – but I have been told, it’s better to admit you don’t know than to make a fool of yourself making things up 😛 ) would make great aisle decorations, as shown in the photo as well as great center pieces. Hey!! I think I see dandelions in there! I know that  haha. To accompany any great centerpieces, this peacock detail is minimal but makes a great impact…just depending on how many guests you have…could get pricey (unless you have a personal stash of peacock feathers, and who knows…you might!!! You lucky duck!) One other way of doing it, although each guest won’t get their own feather to keep! I know I would take it, but anyway, you could do every other place setting, maybe something blingy on the odd ones. Very cute though either way. The charger is a gorgeous gold here, but I’ve also seen a very similar setting with an emerald coloured charger and it was fantastic. Now what fun are pretty chargers without pretty food to place on top of them! This cupcake is probably the cutest darn thing I’ve ever seen, and let me tell you…I have a LOVE for cupcakes! Not sure how plausible this would be for a HUGE wedding, that would be something for you and your cake baker to discuss, but I’m so on top of this idea! (Need to try this at home hehe) And this next idea is for a more traditional wedding with the actual cake. Either way, I’m thinking you won’t have very much for left overs! To cut the cake these are just a cute idea of little ways to add the theme throughout! And to finish with a toast! Some hand painted glasses that I’m sure your wedding party would be thrilled to take home and enjoy! P.S. Cute trick I’ve learned on Pinterest, dip the bottom of the glasses in chalkboard paint to be able to customize them!! Maybe not the most elegant idea for these but thought I’d share my wisdom with you for the day! Hope you enjoyed my little piece of wedding bliss! Happy Blogging all!!   Heide-OUT (follow Model Your Brand’s blog right here on word press and the “OUT” will make a bit more sense :P )

To see the credit information for these and other ideas follow myself or Visuelle on Pinterest! :) Happy Thursday, and watch for more fantastic blogs from Visuelle!

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