Wedding Theme: BLING

Hey bloggers,

My names Jess and I’ll be blogging here and there with a new theme for some of Visuelle’s blogs! Hot trends and wedding themes!! Be excited, I know I am. 🙂

The first one I decided to start with is Bling. Oh My Gosh is it huge right now! Not only do I love bling, but it’s everywhere, and you can’t miss it…not that I’d want to! So I’ve found some awesome pictures to spark your imagination and get you thinking about that perfect way to decorate your wedding, from your gown and flowers to your reception.

Firstly! What every bride needs to even be considered a bride; The Engagement RING! 😀 How could I miss this part?! Some of you will help your man pick this out, some of you will be surprised and others will be the ones proposing, but I just thought this was a gorgeous ring and this bling could not be missed so enjoy! And who wouldn’t want a ring with pink (purple) diamonds? I would love anything even remotely close to this!

After the ring, you will need a dress to put your pretty little self in. I know this is a bit…well…”Here I AM!” But, isn’t that what bling is all about?? If this isn’t for you, there are still many ways to incorporate bling. For example basically any dress can have a belt or sash added to it, you can find sparkly sashes at bridal shops all over!

Next, sparkly head pieces. Now again, This is BAM…but it gives you an idea of how huge the sparkle is this season. And look at that makeup, if only I could pull something like that off! Next we have my favorite piece (watch for future blogs about this lovely idea…I could go on and on about how wonderful these are!) So here’s one fine example of the many varieties of brooch bouquets! Isn’t it wonderful?? This doesn’t even begin to cover how different each and every bouquet can be but it does get the bling factor across,  does it not? And for the brides who want the wow factor with the flowers.  Here’s another option.

Now that the bride has the ring, the dress, the bouquet and the head piece she needs shoes. 🙂 This detail definitely is to each their own, if you want to go casual with flats, comfy with converse or classy with heels, there are ways to have sparkle with each! Here are some fun heels to dream about.

To add an [almost] subtle touch to your nails, try this. I’m for sure going for this look on my big day…even if it is years and years from now!!

Now that you are all beautiful and bling-ed out, don’t leave the bridesmaids out of the loop! Here’s a beautiful dress that wouldn’t take eyes off of you but would make any bridesmaid feel lucky to be a part of your big day!

And the last little thing I’d like to share with you is an idea for the reception. Center pieces that would make a statement in any setting!

To see the credit information for these and other ideas follow myself or Visuelle on Pinterest! 🙂 Happy Wednesday all, and watch for more fantastic blogs from Visuelle!

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