Flower Girls and Ringbearers


OH MY GOSH!!!  There is NO denying it!!  These 2 are way too cute for words!!!  They definitely stole the show….well, the first 10

minutes of it anyway!!  This walk down the aisle went off with out a hitch or a hiccup.  They were perfectly well-behaved and

loved the attention.  I must tell you that the ring-bearer did put a big smile on his face when he saw his God Father (aka the

      Groom) standing in  front of church!

When you have little ones participate in your wedding,  you never know how it will turn out!  The best motto…be prepared to

accept whatever happens.  If their walk down the aisle isn’t perfect, don’t fret.  No one will know that they are not in the exact

spot they are supposed to be….all of your guests will be too busy ohhhing and aahhing over how darn cute they are.

To help them out, if there is time,  take them to the venue a couple of  times the week before the wedding so they become

familiar with the surroundings and what you would like them to do.  During your actual rehearsal, have your extra guests sit at the end of the aisle so when they are walking down the aisle it will closely mimic the actual day.  Make sure to have on hand some of their favorite snacks…..bribery with gummy bears has a good track record.  If your ceremony will be more on the formal side, have books, coloring books and small things to keep them occupied.  You may want to keep their parent seated at the end of the aisle so if something does go kittywaumpus they are right there to step in and give the little ones a helping hand.

Remember, whatever happens, it will bring a smile to your face.

If any of you have a story to share, good, bad, or ugly, about little ones in a wedding I would love to hear.  Please share!!



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