Top Trends in Weddings!

I would like to share a bit of fascinating information that we learned in Vegas.

This is from Matt and Bruce, the Wedding Guys.  You can find them at  They have lots of great information and I would like to let you in on their top 10 trends of the wedding season.

10-The fascinator.  This decorative head piece with feathers or flowers.

9-The choices in music are going more to the classical.

8-Having that fairytale carriage ride to and from your ceremony.

7-Changing the processional…having your Bridesmaids last, your personal assistant in a bridesmaid gown with a smaller bouquet going after the bride to make sure her dress and flowers are well taken care of.

6-Having pedestal arrangements, one large focal point works well with a small budget.

5-Having a monogram put on the cake where the bride and groom will take their first slice.

4-Re-purposing of the arrangements…using small trees and beautiful bushes as your decorations and then planting them is a great way to give back.

3-The use of technology.  Having your wedding live streamed for those that are unable to attend.

2-It’s called farm to table.  Using meats and foods that are grown right in your own county.

And the number 1 trend-1940’s & 50’s fashion..classic styling, beautiful sleeves on gowns.

A great tip from the guys is taking something traditional and putting a new twist on it.  Have the Groomsman hand the Bridesmaids their bouquets.  Literally roll out the red carpet for the reception, having an all white or ivory wedding party…….Remember, the sky is the limit!  This is YOUR day and there are no rules.

Thanks to the Wedding Guys for all of the great information!!


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