Las Vegas Wedding MBA

Hello again!  We are once again in session for MBA .  What a great time and great speakers!!!  But first I have to tell you a pay it forward story!!  My phone hotspot isn’t working very well but the wedding vendor sitting next to me has a more powerful hotspot and offered to let me log into her secure network!!   Only another wedding vendor would be so generous!  Thank you Kra (Cara) From Lethal Rhythms Entertainment, Atlanta Georgia, YOU are awesome!  If you know of anyone in that area that is in need of their vast services, please look them up!!

I would like to share with you some of our very own vendors that are here gaining more knowledge and expertise that they are going to pass on to you, the bride and groom!  Here with me are Visuelle Productions (of course 🙂 ),Model Your Brand, Bridal Elegance, CS Events, Advanced Entertainment, Phase 2, The Grand Meridian, Matt’s DJ Service, Dinner 4 Two and Debbie Dannen Photography!  I would recommend any one of these wedding vendors because of their desire to better themselves and their service to you the BRIDE.

This afternoon we get to hear Kathy Ireland speak about the power of building your own brand, how to maintain relationships with your  clients, and how to triumph under financial crisis!  This week just keeps getting better and better.

I can’t wait to get home and put into action what I have learned here this week!!  Slot machines, crap tables be dammed…get me more sessions…I’m hooked!!!


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