Rock the Dress

Since we found some sassy shoes, now lets see what kind of gowns we can find.

First, figure out what kind of styles you like, then when you go shopping, forget everything you thought you liked!  It’s been my experience that once you hit that dress shop and try on ONLY the style you liked in a magazine you end up thinking….”what WAS I thinking”.   Keep an open mind, try on at least one of every style……….you NEVER know until you try.

Lets take a look at some of the styles that are out there…..

    The lines of this dress are stunning.  Not all of us can wear this style…but for those of you that can, I say go for it!!  It wraps up elegance and fun all into one dress.





           This sheath style is fabulous for that perfect destination wedding.  What about a beautiful garden wedding.  The lace is simple elegance.  Kate gave new life to lace with her stunning dress by Sara Burton for Alexander McQueen.





    What about this stunning A-line dress.  This has nothing on your mom’s dress.  A-Line dresses are stunning and hide a multitude of sins 😉  The straps on this stunning gown don’t take away from it’s beauty, it adds another dimension.





     Let’s not forget about the Belle of the Ball!  How can you not look at this and think……Princess?  Who wouldn’t feel like an absolute dream in this stunning gown?





Almost every little girl has thought about her dream wedding at some time in some way.  Not every dress will fit into your image of  THE one.  The fun part is finding out.  Fill that dressing room with satin, lace, organza, taffeta and tulle and have a ball!  Joke, laugh, think OMG….no one outside this dressing room will ever see me in something like this.  And then, maybe just a tear when you put on that very next dress and you look in the mirror and say….this is it.



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