Wedding Shoes

This topic sends a sweet shiver down my spine… a matter of fact, I get a little school girl giddy when I talk about…………….SHOES!  Oh those beautiful wedding shoes.  No dress is complete with the the perfect stilettos……strappy rhineston sandal…..gorgeous satin slip on.  Your shoes can be an elegant, classic extension of your dress or they can be that peek-a-boo fabulous flirty side of you!  Entire color schemes have been planned around the perfect pair of shoes!!

          How about these spectacular packs-a-punch dream shoes.  Dye them in your favorite color and you have a winner!Imagine your  Bridesmaids wearing the same shoe in your oh so awesome wedding colors.  These are gorgeous!





What about these classic slip on-s?  Aren’t they fab!!!  Leave them white/ivory to match your gown and have the girl’s shoes dyed to a contrasting sassy color of their dresses.  These would be great with a short Bridesmaid dress, let the bow do the talking!





What about this stunning wedge?  These are perfect for an outdoor wedding at a park or anywhere that has you walking on a grassy surface.  They won’t sink into the grass 🙂  They are not only functional they are fun and stylish!






Lets not forget that sheer comfort does not have to be dull and boring!  Look at these sassy little things!  The little straps make these shoes definitely sexy yet the heel gives you all day wearability.  What a great combination!!!!




No matter what shoe you chose, make sure it’s a reflection of you!  If you are going for the high styles, make sure that your girls have lower options for the remainder of the day….cute little flip flops make great gifts.  If you are anything like me, shoe shopping will NOT be a chore.  Happy Shopping!


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