Wedding invitations

Wedding invitations have certainly come a long way since I sent mine out…..26 years ago.   I remember being completely annoyed at those little tissues that went into every invitation.  I had no idea what purpose they served then, and I still have no idea!!! ( Some of you may have to ask your parents about those tissues).  If anyone can tell me what they were for I would love to hear it.  

 I had only a book or two to choose from.  Today Bridal Shops that also do invitations have upwards of 20 books to look through.  And even better, today you have individuals that specialize in personalized wedding invitations.  These invitations reflect the unique personality of the Bride and Groom.  They have that crafty, stamped look on a major upscale level.  From color, to paper, to ribbons the choices are endless.  I have received 2 invitations in the last month that have been beautifully crafted and truly reflect the Bride and Groom.  When I opened that envelope it put a smile on my face and made me wonder how beautiful the rest of the wedding is going to be.


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