A Wedding to Remember

I would like to talk to you about something very personal……my son’s wedding.  My son is getting married on Saturday and I need to tell you that it has been a wonderful journey.  It isn’t like the mother of the bride because we aren’t privy to every little detail but with a “bride-to-be-in-law” like I have it’s close.  When you watch your son grow into all the dreams you had for him, as a parent what more is there?  What I can personally tell you about the journey, from my perspective is this: for me, it isn’t about the tux, or the dress or the bridesmaids, it is what the day means to my son and his new wife.  It is all about the love that two people share…..so if you take anyting away from my blog  today, take away this….if everything isn’t “perfect” its ok because the day is about the perfect love that two people share.


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