Tuxedo Rentals

In my last post I talked about tuxedos but I don’t think I gave that topic or grooms enough time!   I decided to go right to the source…  I spoke with Lu Ann Vander Zanden of Bridal Elegance and Formal Wear, here is what she had to tell me………..

Tuxedo prices are ranging from $59.99 to $132.99 without shoes! Groom’s tuxedo is free with 5 paid rentals (6th is free) and everyone else gets $10 off their tux. Our vest programs are the largest in the Valley – 25 new styles were selected with one company alone.
Currently the most popular color of a tuxedo is black, however, other colors such as whitek, ivory, tan, midnight blue, brown and grey appear in our line.  Most of our tuxedo’s are of either a Super 100’s grade of wool (very soft and supple) or a Worsted Wool (more common, but also high in quality).  Polyester (light-weight and breathable) is another fabric used, and you’ll find it used in the tailoring of white and ivory tuxedos.
The lapel styling (collar) on the tuxedo coat can vary.  The three most basic lapel styles are:  Notch, Peak and, Shawl.  Keep in mind that there are also atpical lapels which do not fall into these catagories, but they definitely add character to the look of the coat.  By atypical, I mean diamond shaped, layered, stain-edged, etc.
Another difference in tuxedo styles are the coat lengths.  The standard tux jacket is approximately 31 1/2 inches from collar to tail.  However, some styles vary from this standard depending on current fashion trends.
The number of buttons on the tuxedo coat varies as well.  More traditional tuxedos have one or two buttons, but we also feature three and four button styles in our lines.  Keep in mind that the higher the button stance or greater amount of buttons, the less you’ll see the accessories underneath (Vest).
Accessories vary between tuxedos and suits.  Formal shirts may or may not have pleats on the front of the shirt, and they will never offer a front pocket like a suit shirt will.  Vests, cummerbunds, bow ties, and pocket squares, which are worn with tuxedos are generally made of satin.  Many of these items should not be worn with a suit.

Lastly are the shoes, Formal shoes made of patent leather are the shoes of choice with a tuxedo.   Shoes made with a more subtle, matte finish should be worn with a suit.

I hope this helps in your quest for the perfect tuxedo!!!


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