We’ve talked about THE dress we’ve talked about…

We’ve talked about THE dress, we’ve talked about the bridesmaids dresses, now let’s talk about making the groom look as spectacular!!

You will want to shop for the tuxedos about 3-4 months prior to your wedding.  Talk to your groom and find out what his thoughts are.  Some grooms will give you carte blanche, others have very specific ideas!  Talking before hand can save a lot of time and frustration for you both!  Remember, the only rule to follow when picking out the tuxedos is there are no rules.  Just a few simple tips though…..ivory dress-ivory shirt, white dress-white shirt.  You are usually picking out colors that match or compliment the bridesmaids dresses for the groomsman.  The dads and ushers are usually in different colors, or color combinations that are opposite of the groomsman.

Make sure the wedding party has been measured  2 months prior to the big day.  Most shops like to have your order into the tuxedo company 6-8 weeks before the wedding.  The tuxedos generally do not reach the shop you’ve ordered them from until the week of the wedding.  Once the tuxedos are there, have your groomsman try on their tuxes as soon as possible….this makes having alterations or getting replacement pieces stress free for all involved.  Lets face it, tuxedos are not an exact science and more than likely someone in your wedding party will need some sort of replacement.

Now that you are in THE perfect dress, the bridesmaids look wonderful and your groom and his groomsman look dashing…HAVE FUN


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