Bridesmaids dresses!

Now that we’ve talked about the Bridal gown, lets talk about the Bridesmaids dresses.

As a bride you want to find a dress that looks good on all of your girls that YOU love.  You don’t have to find a dress that they can cut off to wear later or the perfect short dress that will be worn again…..that rarely happens.  The dress needs to fit in with your image of your wedding.  It can complement your dress or be completely different AND it can be any color you want!  As a bridesmaid it’s your responsibility to graciously accept the dress that your bride picks out….and yes, even the color!  There is also a no whining-to-the-bride rule that you must observe!

Make sure the dresses are ordered 4 to 6 months before the wedding.  Some dresses arrive within a month, some take  months to arrive.  Make sure you leave enough time for alterations.  Don’t call the Bridal Shop or the seamstress 2 weeks before the wedding and expect miracles.  Make your first alterations appointment 6-8 weeks before the wedding.

So here’s to fabulous figure flattering dresses in beautiful colors!


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