The Bride and Her Dress

Lets talk about the dress!  One of the most exciting days for a prospective bride is the day she starts her search for the perfect dress.

When trying on dresses for the first time, keep an open mind.  Try on fabrics and styles that you don’t think that you would even consider….you could be pleasantly surprised.  It has been my experience with a bride that wanted a beautiful lace dress, but tried on a satin dress that was just as beautiful and fell instantly in love.  That satin dress became the ONE, the one she could envision on her wedding day!  So ladies don’t  be surprised if the orignal thought of your perfect dress turns topsy turvy…go with it!  (this happens more than not)

When you go shopping, bring only a few people with you, not the entire wedding party.  Bring the people who know you and respect YOUR styles and opinions.  When you have a large group, the opinions about YOUR dress tend to be as large.  I have seen a brides faces light up in the dressing room, because she feel in love with the dress, turn to tears once she walked out to show her “group”.  Or, a bride talked into a dress she didn’t really like because others did and then later regret the decision and try to return the dress.  Most dress shops have placed the order specifically for you and have no return or cancellation policies.(I need to mention the shop owner did a wonderful job of working with this bride to get her into the dress of  HER dreams!)  If you are the one shopping with the bride, let her face be your guide.  Let her be the first to let you know how she feels about the dress.  Of course you don’t want your bride-to-be to buy a dress that doesn’t look good on her but stop to consider first, before you speak, is it the dress you don’t like!  Your “don’t like” might be her “love” it!

Now lets talk time line.    Make sure that you order you dress with plenty of time for shipping and then alterations.  I would say at least 8 months in advance, longer with some designers and custom changes. Remember your Bridal Shop is only given a tentative shipping date.  That is usually the date that is passed on to you.  With world events in Japan and China, the fakes that are trying to make it through customs and  believe it or not,the weather slows the shipment process down…….unfortunately your Bridal Shop has no control so don’t get mad if you dress(es) are not there they week they stated………..I have NEVER had a dress that didn’t get here in time!

Happy shopping  ladies!!!


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