What to look for when considering a venue for your reception!

When searching for a location for your reception you first have to make sure they have your date available and if the venue fits into your budget.  You will want to figure out what you want to happen at your reception, other than a lot of dancing, before you make that big commitment.

Ask  to see pictures of the venue when they have been set up for a wedding.  If there are things you see in the pictures that you like, make sure they will be included for your day.  If there are things you don’t like, make sure you can have them changed.  Find out about any hidden fees.  Will they charge you for extra tables, chairs, covers that are not included in your wedding package?

Will you have a receiving line at the reception and will they be able to accommodate that line?  Other than your cake, will you have other stations set up?  What about an ice sculpture, a chocolate fountain, will you have a dessert bar or separate hors d’oeuvre stations?  Can your venue provide the space for  these requests?

Make sure the dance floor and space for your entertainment will be adequate to accommodate your guest list.  The last thing you want is  your guests to be elbow to elbow on the dance floor(unless they are doing the chicken dance).

Is your venue hosting multiple receptions that day?  If they are, will your event be given the individual attention it deserves?

Take care of all the little details when you book your reception and then appoint someone to deal with your venue the week of/the day of your wedding so all you have to do is show up and dance the night away and mingle with your guests .


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