My heart truly goes out to our previous …

My heart truly goes out to our previous wedding winners, Jess & Doug.  There are things in life that we have no control over, it is how you deal with what you are given that really makes a difference.  That leads me to this introduction:   I would like you to meet Holly & Rob!  A bride and groom that so graciously took one of those things that life just hands you and is making the most of it.  Holly is stepping into Jess’ shoes.  She was given this wedding package at literally the 11th hour.  She had only 3 weeks to plan her dream wedding ! So hats off to Holly & to these fabulous vendors that stood behind this rushed bride.  Tundra Lodge has changed the color scheme from purple to red & black without batting an eyelash, Bridal Elegance provided yet another beautiful gown, Marshall Florist has changed the color scheme to match Holly’s and is providing all of the flowers.  Abracadabra is doing the hair styles and the make-up, Advanced Entertainment is providing the DJ services for the evening, Amazing events is  going to set up a deslish chocolate fountain, Tamar’s is giving a beautiful cake, DuBois is making the men look dashing in their tuxedos, Kyrstal Kleer is setting up an ice sculpture of a bride and groom, Lifetime is the videographer capturing the days events, Photo NV is providing the photo booth for those funny memories, Picture This Photography will be chronicling the event from start to finish, Prestige Limousine will get the couple to and fro, and Wedding Perfect is making sure the decorations are stupendous!  Thank you again to all those that have helped Holly take lemons and make lemonade.


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