Everyday is a New Opportunity for Growth

Within the last few days, I was made aware of a recent & painful decision that our bride Jessica was canceling her wedding on Feb 12.  I want to offer my support for both Jessica and Doug at this  difficult time!  I don’t really know all of the circumstances in detail, but wish both Jessica and Doug the joys of life’s experience as a journey through growth & achievement. Not all of life is peaches & cream, but a full life usually has an abundant share of heart-warming memories to reflect upon! I’m just an outside person who has been blessed with more of life than I had every imagined & have a special appreciation for youth’s gift in this World, to make it better for themselves & others, to live their dreams honestly & courageously, and sometimes walk that difficult path of a road less traveled! We as humans are a bit of a fickle bunch, we can’t make ourselves happy, we can’t find our happiness in others, we are just special because happiness is within us, and far too few of us have the courage to discover that in the difficult decisions life sometimes presents to us! Joy is not an obsession of distraction, nor a tunneled vision of successes, it’s a masterful blend of  the moments we have been given, each with value & education into who we are as a person! We share ourselves with others in a trust they earn, we never offer ourselves as a possession to another, and we live with a gracious gratitude for what we can contribute to life, not what life can contribute to us, and our reward is a full life which gives us pause to appreciate we have been here! Listen carefully to the quiet voice within you for guidance! You are a lovely young lady with a tender heart and Doug  I am sure is a forthright young man with much ahead of both of you, and though it will probably not all be a bed of roses, I’m sure it will have more than a meaningful share of blossoms!   Best Wishes to both of you in the future from Visuelle Productions.


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