Bridal Show Goals

Alright! I  my New Years Resolution was to blog everyday.  But You can adjust that and that is what I am doing.  My new New Years Resolution is to blog whenever I can find the time.

Let’s talk about setting a Goal.  After you have finally decided on which bridal show to participate in you need to answer some questions.   Why are you attending the event?  What are your goals!   Are you looking for new bridal leads.  Do you have a new product or service that you will be introducing?  Make sure that you have picked your best sales force to man your booth.  If you are the owner and you have part of your staff that is stronger in sales make sure that they are there.  They need to be knowledgeable about your services and have a genuine love for what they are doing.  There is a difference between just sales and a genuine sale, but that is a different blog.  You certainly do not want the lunchers as I call them that sit behind their table and either read a book, play with their computer or  eat lunch while your brides are walking down the row to talk with someone who cares.  I see this so often and these are the owners that will be the first to say I didn’t get a lead from that show!  Don’t be one of these.  Tune in next time for more tips.


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