Another Day another Bride Spends another Dollar…

How do you get the brides to engage in a conversation.  Three things that come to  mind immediately.  First,  some kind of food that you hand to the bride.  Traffic will most definitely stop for food.  Let’s face it we are from Wisconsin and we like to eat!  Food presents an easy way to start a conversation.  Something that you specifically have to hand to the bride seems to do the trick.  Second, think outside the box for booth decorating.  Look for things that are interesting and appealing.  A different color rug on the floor, specialized furniture, a great video playing.  Keep you decorations upscale, rental stores offer excellent choices that you can rent for the day and return for a small investment. An elegant and inviting open concept will guide  traffic into your booth space.  Third, with even the best looking booth at the show unless you have a sign the clearly states your company name and what your business is you will probably get passed by.  More tips tomorrow!


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