No Time Like the Present

Bridal Shows are here….we are now in the swing of the 2010 bridal shows season.  Numbers have been coming in from all over the United States that brides are flocking to bridal shows in record numbers.

The best  part of  being a vendor in a bridal shows is that it brings brides to you instead of you chasing after them.  Even though there will be brides and grooms there you will still have to work for their interest and business at the show. Many times vendors basically set up their booth and then ignore the brides as they walk by.    Vendors have a tendency to talk amongst themselves, sit behind a table, play on their computer, or politely tell the passer by to take a brochure as they pass by.  These are also the vendors that say that bridal shows are not worth the money and they haven’t been successful for them.   Be proud of your service initiate a conversation with the brides.  Make you booth different so the bride can associate your booth with you and your business.  Visuelle Productions will be blogging daily on making your experience in a Bridal show a great success….keep checking in for more information.


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