{ SPRING WEDDED DECOR – Get MOSSY about it would ya }

These temperatures and snow can’t slow me down, I’m still thinking SPRING!!! And with that, I’ve been looking into my spring and Easter tablescaping and decorating! I came across all these wonderful moss idears and couldn’t help but love the earthy, springy, and elegant look it adds to so many different themes! So, get your SPRING on and get MOSSY with it…mmmtay! :)

I heart me an awesome monogram, especially a MOSS one!


Or like these fellers!


A perfectly enchanting addition to these centerpieces…MOSS!


Or how about a MOSS table runner! Loving this look! Simple, unique, and gorg!


Adding a little MOSS to homemade centerpieces, branch trees, is the perfect cover up for you nailing, cementing, glueing and it looks like it’s meant to be there.


A MOSS background for a photo booth! Kinda AWESOME!


Or one like this…


Perfect for a beautiful decor idea for your place cards!


Or also LOVING this idea:


And finally MOSS and greens hanging from chandeliers and wall decor! AMAZING! ELEGANT! ENCHANTING! :)


That’s your MOSSY inspiration for your Friday! Hope you enjoyed! For more wedded inspiration, make sure you attend Visuelle Production Wisconsin Wedding Spectacular this Sunday, March 29 at the Radison in Green Bay from 10:30am to 3:00pm! See all the wonderful services and products 60 of Wisconsin’s most wonderful wedding professionals have to offer “for the best day of your life”! Don’t miss it! Happy ALMOST weekend LOVEBIRDS! :)

~ Missy

{ Seven Swoon-Worthy SPRING Color Schemes }

HAPPY SPRING! It’s here! It happened! Winter in Wisconsin has come to an end for another year! Favorite things about spring: 1) First day you can open all the windows to that beautiful smelling fresh air and not freeze your toosh! 2) Spring peepers! Love hearing those little guys…that makes spring official-official 3) Wedding season is around the corner…let’s celebrate some love days! 4) Wardrobe change! Colors, dresses, sandals…PULL them out! :) Okay, now speaking of spring colors…these are some of the most FAB color schemes to make you feel spring in an instant! Yellows, Mints, and Pinks! It takes me to my happy place! So, here are seven swoon-worthy SPRING color schemes to make you feel the SPRING LOVE!

Blushing brides with a hint of mint!


I just still can’t get over how much I LOVE this color combo. Yellow makes me happy and I must admit, a good grey does too! :)


Nautical meets spring!


THIS might be on my favorite list right now! Emerald, Mint, Gold, and Blush! It just works…BEAUTIFULLY!


Here’s how you do yellows and greens and not in a Packer way! Gosh darn us Wisconsinites love our Packers, but it gets a little strange with wedding colors! :)


Or green and yellow like this, with some light yellows and orangey yellows….AMAZING! LOVE…LOVE…LOVE this!


And this lime and pink! If this color combo doesn’t make ya feel good, you should take a nap and check back…hehe…no just kidding! To each their own…but this girl thinks color combo is FUN and PRETTY!


That’s your Friday SPRINGY WEDDING INSPIRATION! Hope you lovebirds enjoyed! Now, remember Visuelle Production’s Wisconsin Wedding Spectacular is right around the corner! Actually, NEXT WEEKEND, SUNDAY, MARCH 29 at The Radison in Green Bay! 10:30am to 3:00pm. You should get there and meet 60 of Wisconsin’s most wonderful wedding vendors and see all the fantastic products and services they have to offer “for the best day of your life”!  It is certain to be a treat…so treat yourself gosh darnit…you survived winter…you deserve it! :) HAPPY FRIDAY! HAPPY SPRING!


{ The RING shot…these ones “ROCK” }

Wedding photography is awesome these days! Not that it wasn’t always…but the amount of awesomeness and creativity that comes with digital images is pretty spectacular. Plus, photographers these days have taken on a whole new level of documenting details of your wedding day. If you look at your parents and grandparents wedding albums, most likely there isn’t a ring shot, a shoe shot, etc. etc. The details photos are somewhat a new era of wedding photography and the creativity of some of these detail shots is downright beautiful and telling of who you are! Here are few ring shots that I think “ROCK”…dorky pun totally intended! :)

Okay, being a fur child lover…I TOTALLY adore this! Hopefully he doesn’t think it’s a treat! EEKS!


This is shoe is FABULOUS…the rings and reflections make this shot perfection!


I feel spring! How sweet is this?!


“Tying the knot”?! :) The perspective on this is delightful!


Golfer in the house! Fantastic!


Sweetness. Love this.


Awesome and earthy. I can’t imagine that it’s an easy task to line your grass up perfectly like that either! Gorg.


For my beach loving brides. How stunning is this?!


On your fave cocktail?! I dig it!


For my Wisconsinites…I know you all love your big bucks! :)


If a guitar is a big part of who you are….love this creative idear!


Simply. Lovely.


Leather and diamonds…what a fantastic combo!


Black and white and sparkly! Very pretty!


Hope you enjoyed some ring shots that rock! That’s your wedded inspiration for this Friday! For more wedded inspiration don’t miss Visuelle Productions upcoming bridal show! The Wisconsin Wedding Spectacular is happening Sunday, March 29 from 10:30am to 3:00pm in Green Bay at the Radison Conference Center! With 60 of Wisconsin’s most wonderful wedding vendors, you are sure to be feeling the love! Now get there and get your plan on “for the best day of your life”!


{ Eleven Elegant Crop Top Weddin’ Dresses to LOVE..LOVE…LOVE }

The crop top and skirt look has taken over todays fashion scene and it’s hard not to love with just that little peekaboo of mid-drift! Weather with pencil or a-line skirts it can really be a flattering and eye catching look. Are you a trend setting bride who dares to be different? These crop top dresses might be just what you are looking for!

Perfect for a beach wedding! Love this look and the hi-lo skirt!


Glammed up two piece for you fashionistas! Beautiful.


In love with the simplicity and elegance of this look AND the pockets make it look effortless to be that gorgeous!


Flowy bedazzled awesomeness!


Love this boho look!


Love the thick band of this skirt and the overlapping top! GORG!


It’s all about the pearl dress! If you can’t take the mid-drift showing plunge…use a transparent layer to get the look!


Simply. Gorgeous.




Love the design of this lace, this dress suits her pretty rocker look perfectly!


And last, but not least. A blingy look of course! How amazing is this from the front and the back!


That’s your weekly wedded inspiration! Hope all you lovebirds enjoyed! Now, don’t forget Visuelle Productions next bridal show is coming soon! Make sure to “like” us on Facebook to stay in the know for Wisconsin’s best up and coming bridal events! Cheers lovelies!



White florals can add a simplistic, clean, angelic touch to your wedding day and who doesn’t love the sweetness of baby’s breath. It’s great for added details and is light on your wedding budget for added florals for decor. So, here is eight adorable ways to use babys breath on your big day!

Men’s corsages! The groom could even have something a little more flashy!


Line your isle in white sweetness like this:


Or like this:


Have your adorable flower girl carry a babys breath ball like this!


Deck your hair with babys breath cuteness


Amazing full centerpieces like this! I also saw some thinner with sticks that were awesome as well. Ideas! ideas! ;)


Perfect touch for a rustic event! Love this!


Floral balls hanging from a tree for an outdoor ceremony or reception! LOVE!


Here’s a little different look for babys breath than we’re used to! BUT must admit, I’m loving it!


SIDE NOTE! Here’s babys breath spray painted! It looks kinda rediculously awesome and simple too!


That’s your wedded inspiration for this AWESOME Friday! WHOOT! Hey and if you missed our last bridal show, no worries, we have another one coming up in MARCH! Make sure to like Visuelle Productions on Facebook to stay in the know on up and coming bridal events!

Cheers Lovebirds!


{ 11 Unique Engagement Rings That’ll Make You Swoon }

Okay! Now we’ve all seen the round cut solitaire, white gold-platinum, haloed beautiful diamonds. WHICH I MUST ADMIT…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!  My ring is pretty darn traditional and I LOVE this thing to gosh darn pieces! BUT this blog post is for those of you looking to step outside the round cut box! Don’t get me wrong…there are some traditional aspects to this post, but I tried to find some unique looks that I loved to inspire a girl! Hope you enjoy!

Let’s start off with this gold and rose gold stunner! Love the shape, love the colors…this ring is a BEAUT and I bet your girlfriend won’t have it!


Kinda of loving this raw cut ring! It’s a statement for certain!


How do you feel about a black diamond? I think this is the way to do one…


Are you a minimalist? This is unique and makes a statement! Guessing the gold open band is maybe the wedding band? Love the thought and creativity put into this look.


Now to the sheer opposite of minimalist! I’m clearly not a minimalist…I would wear this stunner ANY DAY! 3 diamond halo…WHATTT?!


OKAY…in LOVE with the shaping and different size diamonds encasing this solitaire, as well as, the daintiness of the band to make the boldness stand right on out! BEAUTIFUL!


Unique shapes make swoon. Love the flow of this ring.


How detailed and beautiful is this guy?! Ahhhhhh! That’s right, I am screaming over it!


Raw uncut stones with beautiful shaping and lines. Now that is art. Amazing.


I call this the snowflake ring! Isn’t it pretty?! This is how to do a statement, beautiful engagement ring on a budget without a large solitaire! I wouldn’t argue with this as an option!


I love the rose gold and the daintiness of the surrounding bands! I feel like it’s a kaleidoscope of sparkles! Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!


Okay, that’s my wedding inspirations for this fine Wednesday! Now, for more inspiration, if you are engaged, soon to be engaged, or just plain old heart weddings like yours truly; Visuelle Productions Spring Wedding Spectacular is THIS WEEKEND!!! Sunday, February 22 to be exact from 10:30am to 3:00pm at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center! We’ll have SIXTY of Northeast Wisconsin’s most wonderful vendors and you are certain to be inspired for planning “the best day of your life”…so get there! :)

{ Nine Asymmetrical Dress Lines to LOVE }

Have you ever put a dress on and the lines flow perfectly?! This is sometimes why asymmetrical dress lines are the BOMB! The flow…the lay of the fabric…and asymmetrical cut can give a gown or dress just what it needs! Here are nine fabulous asymmetrical dresses that got it just right!

Love everything about this brides look! BEAUTIFUL!


Love this vintage dress style! Could you imagine with the perfect pearls and shoes? AAAADORE!


This lace cutout dress is pretty wonderful! Would love to see it with a less chunky shoe and some sweet, simple gold jewelry. That’s what this girl would do anyway! :)


Is the flow of this dress perfection or what?! I wanna wear this style like yesterday! Would be a great second bride’s dress for dancing…I think it could look even sweeter in ivory or white!


We don’t wear pretty shoes for fun! Show those things off!


Gorgeous! Gorgeous!


Simple and sweet dress! AND of course LOVE her gloves! (Wish she didn’t look so angry…hehe)


Now there is a memorable dancing dress! SOOO pretty!


Saved this stunner for last! Love me some flattering lines…I bet this looks even better on than on the hanger! :)


So that’s the asymmetrical scoop this Friday! For more wedded inspiration…Visuelle Productions Spring Wedding Spectacular is coming soon…VERY SOON! Sunday, February 22 from 10:30am to 3:00pm to be exact! At the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center in Appleton, WI! Get there and get your planning DONE in one swoop! Great vendors. Great inspiration.



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