Summer is officially here!  What would be more  exciting than to enjoy the beautiful weather and gorgeous Wisconsin scenery than having a Camp Wedding?

Camp Wedding would allow you to creatively connect to nature.

How about spending your honeynoon in a teepee?

images (9)

Or meet your groom at the ceremony by canoe?

images (10)

For your cake, you could go for a rustic tree bark design!

download (5)images (11)

For a softer feel, try opting for light pastel shades for bridesmaid dresses.

images (12)

For personal flair, cute signs are always appreciated…

Cute cards and log books are also always interesting and add that eco friendly flair.

images (15).jpgimages (16).jpg

Lastly, for a truly rustic wedding, try going for a venue that offers exposed beams and open sides allowing you to be part of the natural setting!

images (17)

Knock your socks off and get your feet in the sand!


Summer is just around the corner and what better way to escape the heat than throwing a gorgeous underground wedding!

Underground weddings have been around forever but are now gaining in popularity because they offer something for any type of wedding.

If you are going for a classy wedding, you can have it in an old wine cellar…images (2)

If you are bold you can hold you wedding in a cave with a lake….

Just look at the incredible photos you would be able to get with a lake cave! e5191edd5d9164e2cbb02f454b7ebb57.jpg

Or maybe you love the idea of a cave, but aren’t too thrilled about getting your dress wet…

download (1)

Or maybe you want something completely different altogether. One option is a to have your wedding in a basement with skylights.

download (2)

Whatever you choose, every wedding needs a great dinning area! Here are a few ideas to help you out…

downloadimages (1).jpg

Every wedding also needs some personal touches and what would be cooler than an underground boat if your space will allow it? images (3)

Another cute personal touch is to give your guests either peices of the cave you are being married in or sample of the water.  Jefferson+Underground+Wedding+Ceremony+and+Reception+Photos+by+Oldani+Photography+St.+Louis+Wedding+Photographers3.jpg

And what would a wedding be with out a cake?? For your underground wedding, why not go for a fabulous geode cake!

Wether you are going for classy… images (6).jpg


download (3)

images (7).jpg

Or water inspired…

images (4).jpg

So say “I Do” to these beautiful ideas!



Have you been excited for shark week?! Sometimes it just takes a little theme to get people excited! I don’t even watch anything on shark week, besides what I catch while walking through the living room when the hubs is relaxing, but I get hyped nonetheless! It just sounds fun…SHARK WEEK! Themes are fun in general no matter how literal or lightly influenced they make an event, it just helps you head in a direction that inspires you. So, in honor of exciting themes, I felt inspired to inspire you with some GREY + AQUARIUM “SHARK” styled weddings!

This would be a pretty fun SAVE the DATE! Shark style! 😉 Giving your guests a hint of the fun to come!


Here’s a beautiful shark-grey invite


A ceremony in an aquarium…this looks kind of awesome and unique! LOVE this!


You can even have little shark flower petal decor in your accent floral color…it’s all in the details! 🙂


Love the grey + navy combo…it feels very sharkish! 🙂


Love this mixture of shark-like-greys for bridesmaids


How great is decor…love the branches and flow of the decorations! To make it more sea like…add in some sea glass, star fish, shells, could be simply AWESOME!


AND then set it  ^^^ all up in this location! AAAA-MAZING! I want to be there NOW!


To add a little flare to your bar setup in the above aquarium! You could do something with an old net and barrels like this! Would add to the theme for sure!


For a fun ocean like drink…choose something blue and refreshing like an aqua velva! Have you had one of these before?! If not…do it! 1oz vodka, 1oz gin, 1oz blue curacao, and sprite….it’s delightful! 🙂


Grey cake…ummm yes! AND how pretty is this thang?!


Or this one?!


For added entertainment…a shark ice sculpture or drink louge!


AND your guest will love this…it’s a fact!


Now get back to your shark week watching! Hope you enjoyed! Have a happy Friday all!


{ JUST MARRIED!!! 26 WAYS to DECORATE your Golf Carts, Bikes, and Automobiles }


Okay…so came across this ^^^ ABOVE photo and couldn’t help but laugh! These days it might be rare to jump in your own vehicle after your wedding and cruise to your honeymoon or even your reception for that matter. Most of us are jumping into limos, party buses, trolleys, etc. with our wedding parties! Regardless of what mode of transportation you jump on after you say I do…don’t forget to deck it out! It can be as simple as a sign, painted tin cans, or some balloons. The small touches remind you that the day is special and out of the norm, plus it’s just an old fashion tradition and you know yours truly might just love a tradition way too much for her own darn good! 🙂  SO…here are some cute ideas to deck your boat, carriage, golf cart, motorcycle, bicycle, bus, trolley…whatever the heck you’re riding! 🙂

Starting out with painting cans! how cute are these black and white ones!


Or these ones! Great ideas for wording and very cute!


LOVE this banner…the array of fabrics and colors are GREAT!


Now an ode to my good friends, getting married this next week and then taking off on their motorcycle! I think thy shall need a sign!  🙂


Or this…simple and PERFECT! As cute as cans would be… they might get a little loud on a motorcycle…but maybe you could tough ’em out for the first mile?!? 🙂


Now for my bicycle lovers! You know who you are! 🙂 How cute is this?!


Or this?! Perfect for beach wedding transportation…jump on your cruiser!


Get your pontoon ready to make an announcement!


Or canoe away with your mate!


Or here’s another boating idear!


Decorate your carriage….love the poms around the sign…somewhat blending with the trees in this pic!


Here’s a fun mode of transportation! Another idea for my bike loving friends! 😉


Your bridal party can even take turns getting a workout from pedaling you around! 🙂


Kind of in love with this brightness…that sign won’t be missed! And I kind of forget about streamers! Great idea!


More beautiful brightness!


You can even decorate your horse…as long as they don’t mind that is!


Simple and adorable!


“Just Hitched”… loving that wording as well!




Or you can even decorate your tractor!


Even if you’ve rented a trolley or a bus, grab some tulle, a sign, some window paint AND decorate that thang up!


Or your golf cart?! It’s important to tell people what’s up! 🙂




Cut the sign into a heart…just because it’s cute! 😉


Floral swags are AWESOME…for dual purpose…you could also have your flower girls carry it down the isle….loving that look!


And sometimes classic, simple is perfection!


That’s your Friday wedded inspiration! Hope you enjoyed and feel inspired gosh darnit! 🙂 For more inspiration Visuelle Productions Summer Bridal Showcase is coming soon! Thursday, June 18 from 4:00pm to 8:00pm to be exact, at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center in Appleton, WI! The show will feature SIXTY of Wisconsin’s most wonderful wedding vendors plus a wine and cheese tasting to top that off! It is certain to be an event that you will not want to miss! Hope to see you there! Till next week lovebirds…HAPPY FRIDAY! 😉

{ 25 FIRST LOOKS that just might inspire YOU to do a FIRST LOOK }

First look photos! I think people may be bias one way or another…but regardless whether that first look be walking down the isle or a personal before ceremony moment; the faces and emotions during that FIRST LOOK can be sentimental and emotional moments in time that you’ll be so happy to have captured. One of the reasons first looks can be more convenient is that you can get photos in before your ceremony and have personal moments before the big ceremony takes place! If you are a bride who prefers the walk down the isle, these could be also great ideas to surprise you mother, father, girlfriends! Do what is personal and feels right for you! BUT here are 25 FIRST LOOK moments that will truly inspire your emotions!

Love this bride’s style! How great is that dress?! Love that chivalrous hand kiss too!


Now that groom is loving her look head to toe! Happy guy there with a great suit himself!


How about a pre-wedding meeting on the beach + a spin!


Meet on a bridge! Could be some great views there! Love their emotions in this pic!


Relaxed and sweet and OOHHH fog! 🙂




Grand stairways are always the way to go!


LOVE these styles and this picture! PERFECTION!


Meeting on the dock! Seems like a good place to me!


A first touch before the meeting!


I can feel the excitement!


Including your best friends and wedding party! I think it can only add to the excitement and fun! Love this!


YAY! Wonderful!


Teamwork here! Love this photo…so cute!


Now there is one surprised and in love groom!


Out in the woods surprise! Love this photo!


Urban excitement!


He has no idea what’s coming!


IN LOVE with this! Gawwwww….


Earthy, sweet meeting! Love her look!


Is there anything better than that groom’s and bride’s sweet reaction!


Love this angle!


Blindfolded excitement!


Can hardly wait!!!


Hope you’re feeling inspired by all these beautiful first looks! For more inspiration, Visuelle Productions Summer Bridal Showcase is coming Thursday, June 18 to the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center in Appleton, Wisconsin from 4:00pm to 8:00pm! The event is also going to include a wine and cheese tasting! SO many wonderful things in one place! Get there and get inspired, planning, and meeting wonderful Wisconsin wedding vendors “for the best day of your life”!


I LOVE me some fancy dresses! I may have mentioned it once or twice?! 🙂 What gets better than fancy dresses, but little cuties in fancy dresses! And of course being a mom to a sweet little boy, soon to be two little boys…I can’t help but adore some suspenders, bow ties, vests, and miniature dress shoes! These little people’s adorableness melts my little heart.  Hope it does yours too! 😉

Just like bridesmaids…you don’t necessarily need to get all matchy-matchy! How cute are these three sweeties in glam and different dresses!


This little guys details are the cutest! LOVE

Love the preppy-ness of these outfits! The sweater and cardigan keeps these looks relaxed and adorable!


A little mini Breakfast at Tiffany’s look and it couldn’t possibly get any cuter!


Okay…I love their floral swag…seriously!


Okay….I want to wear this look! AMAZINGLY CUTE!


These little boys are just the cutest and proves shorts + suspenders can be done for weddings, mostly by miniature people!


Outdoor rustic wedding? These looks are perfection!


Love this look! AND love her floral crown! Kiddos hair can sometimes be hard to curl and updo, this relaxed look with flowers is perfection for your littles.

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So sweet!


Love her crown and everything about her sweet little look!


Plaid + Suspenders + Newboy Hats…stop with all this cuteness already!


Flower girls with over sized bouquets and cowgirl boots! Yep that’s cute!


Okay, now here it is floral crowns, mismatched dresses, oversized flowers…YOU KNOW I LOVE THIS! 🙂


Rockstar cute!


Oh my…now here are some kiddos with some serious style! Dig it!


Here’s another little dress I can’t get enough of!


Oh my goodness a FLORAL flower girl dress…love, love, love! 🙂


Love this idea for a rustic wedding…think it might be even cuter if they had rolled up sleeves instead!


So pretty and sweet!


Love this simple dress idea and their floral crowns + bare feet…SWEETNESS


Oh my goodness…cuteness!


Okay…hope you didn’t turn into a big pile of sappiness from all this cuteness! Now, all you lovebirds have a great rest of your Friday…mmmtay!

AND REMEMBER for more wedded inspiration make sure to mark you calendars for Visuelle Productions Summer Bridal Showcase, Thursday, June 18 from 4:00pm to 8:00pm at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center!


{ 17 Ridiculously FABULOUS Ways to Decorate with RIBBON }

I have a serious LOVE for ribbon! Whatever holiday, birthday, shower, or celebration; I will find a way to use me some ribbon! These ideas kind of blow my little ribbon loving mind! SO simple, beautiful, and elegant! From backdrops to altars to chandeliers…here are 17 ridiculously fab ways to decorate your celebration with ribbon!

Love is sweet and so is that cake back drop! LOVE!


This is SOOO romantic and really a simple idea to decorate for your ceremony!


Okay…so I’m not exactly sure about the pinatas or donkeys…but if that is your thang…HEY you go for it! I just adore the color and flow of this altar…it’s pretty darn awesome!


Beautiful sun light…simple backdrop…love the length flowing into the grass!


Ribbon chandeliers! How AMAZING are these things?! I want to make one like yesterday!


Love the lighting with these transluscent pastel ribbons! This is all over beautiful!


Okay these hula hoop white light, ribbon chandeliers get me on EVERY level! FANTASTIC!


Simple and elegant…I can feel the love and their amazin’ style!


Now that chair is made for someone SPECIAL!


Photo booth time! How great is this and the burlap sign!!! Adorable!!! Might hang it a little lower, so it drapes on the floor a bit, but this so dang cute on so many levels! 🙂


Need some more vertical centerpieces?! These are pretty darn NEATO! That’s right I said it! NEATO! 😉


I love this whimsical feel and their ribbon color choices + polka dots!


These make me happy! Add some height to your decor! And seem soooo easy to create!


Birch + RIbbon + Florals + Candlelight = Dreamy


Now here’s some fun cake table decor! Branches + Crystals + Ribbon


This could be a little tedious…but the look is so worth it and I think could probably be done faster than one thinks! Get your ribbon tying friends together for decorating! Everyone take a roll!


Florals with ribbon for some more romance! I dig the idea!



I always admit, I adore me a white dress. However, I know there are those, dare to be different brides; which I also adore. The hard thing is stepping away from white and ivories while still looking like a bride! Here are seven fab not-white dresses of brides who I think did it just right! Enjoy! 🙂

This maybe pink! But I think this bride still got it right and I must admit…a blush veil would look downright stunning with this look!


Okay, so this may be tannish (so still in the ivory family) but I must say I adore this bride’s unique and glamorous looks! Downright inspiring! Well done girl! 🙂


Not this gown is a BEAUT! And the white embroidery still allow for a white veil if a gal so wishes!


Black and tan…it’s a wonderful color combo on so many levels!


I’ve been in love with this Maggie Sottero gown from the moment I saw it! AMAZING!


Feeling fab in floral!


Grey…who doesn’t heart a good grey tone these days!?


Okay….and last but not least! MY FAVORITE not white wedding look! How stunning is this?! LOVE!


That’s your Friday wedded inspiration! Hope you enjoyed! Until next week lovebirds!


{ 13 Ways to Deck Your AISLES with AWESOMENESS }

I think when planning weddings we are so overwhelmed by the amount of “things” to decorate…ourselves, our wedding parties, our cakes, our reception halls, the cocktail hour. It’s CRAZY the amount of details that go into a wedding. However, our grand entrance and aisles to our ceremony occasionally get forgotten! Not today my friends, not today! Whether it be simple or elaborate, outdoors or indoors…you can make the framing of your ceremony AWESOME by even the most quaint details! Here’s to making these gosh darn aisles AWESOME! 🙂

Okay…I may be a tad bias to the rustic lifestyle, being a northerner. BUT how simple and beautiful are these bouquets that are certain to get noticed from their log side tables. LOVE!


We’re all about the ombre look these days, hair, clothes, etc. Why not ombre your aisle?! Must admit…a girl is loving it and the other simplistic decor to go along with it!


One thing to think about with aisles…is the vertical! Make sure your awesome decor is seen! These ceiling swags plus chandeliers bring this look to a whole new level!


Okay, so this tree is a masterpiece in itself! I love the floral arrangements before entering and the simple decor leading to that beaut of a tree!


Let’s just say…I wanna hang out here! Looks downright candle-lighty-dreamy! LOVE the laterns, tons of candles and white lights. Warms a girl right up!


Curtains + chandeliers + greenery…it’s like a secret garden aisle! Gorg!


For more of a minimalist. Love this heart decor leading up to the altar…down right whimsical!


Swagging every other aisle chair + the line of petals! Perfect amount of color!


Love me some burlap! It seems to suit this beach wedding perfectly!


Here’s a pretty simplistic and very elegant aisle leading up to one heck of an altar! SO PRETTY!


Love the swag and floral arrangements. Beautiful, simple, and elegant for a church wedding!


Design a fun shape with your petals leading up to the altar. Its fun on the eyes and sooo pretty too!


To really deck your aisles! Add old fashion lights, plus mood lighting, plus candlelight, plus trees! Winter wonderland has been successfully pulled off here! 🙂


That’s your wedded inspiration for this beautiful Friday! Hope you enjoyed! Until next week! Have a great weekend lovebirds! 😉



Okay, so being a bit of a control freak, I always want to be in the know of what’s going on, what’s happening next, where it’s gonna be, etc. etc. Girl and mom problems, someone’s got to pay attention to life, because my husband and one year old are definitely on the outs for that task! 🙂 ANYHOW, love me a sign to keep a girl in the know! Whether it be location, menu, info on where to instagram my pics, or just plain lovey-dovey! I digs it! Here are some GREAT wedded signs, with awesome wording just to give you all some big day idears!

Glad to know a girl is at the right place…plus so welcoming! Feeling wedding excited already! 😉


Love the flow of this sign + different fonts! A girl appreciates being in the know!


I possibly just really LOVE this BEST DAY EVER phrase! You see it, you say it, you make that happen! 🙂


My favorite wording for sit wherever the heck you like people! 🙂


Marriage is most definitely a journey! Love this isle sign to keep guests from walking down the center if you have a runner, flower petals, or just plain don’t want it all stomped up! 😉


How adorable is this sign setup! Keep it unique to you and your partner! Details like this are the best!


Okay one thing I just learned that is SOOOO easy! Did you know you can write on black cardstock with chalk?! Seems like a pretty simple idea and SOOOO adorable! Cut some twine, cut your cardstock in your preferred banner style, and chalk some adorable messages up!


Great for a dessert table! Love me some treats! 🙂


On so many levels TRUE words! I love being together with my hubs, and my family, and my friends! I LOVE being “together”…it is a gosh darn BEAUTIFUL place to be! 🙂


Love this simple log sign! Got someone who knows how to use a chainsaw (I don’t trust myself with one of those thangs), most of us do! Get a great slab, some chalkboard paint, chalk it, WAAA-LAAA! I think this could be awesome for table numbers too! Just sayin’! 🙂


Thank you for telling me, “What’s for dinner?” It’s a crisis every day when I try to pull together my brain to think about…thank you for making it easy on me! Phewww! 🙂


And of course…and instagram sign! These are all the rage…but I think so important! Your guests love taking pics of celebrating too! Also, adore the sign decor!


Okay…that’s this Friday’s wedded inspiration! Hope you feel inspired lovebirds! Till next week, keep it LOVE-ly! 🙂


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