{ Make a STATEMENT…with your NECKLACE }


Are you a statement maker or a less is more bride?! I had a fellow bride ask me my opinion on necklaces this weekend, and I must admit, I felt so honored to be a source of advice for her wedded concerns! HOWEVER, her question was somewhat of a conundrum for yours truly, as I say; I LOVE all fashion, including subtle and statement jewelry. I truly believe a person should dress in whatever makes them feel good, personally, I find myself dressing for statement, but I’m also a lover of minimalistic accessories too! So, my answer to that is to wear whatever speaks to YOU! A few necklace guidelines may be: If your dress is overly detailed, beaded, or embroidered; especially near your neckline, make sure you wear a necklace that adds to the look and doesn’t conflict. Also, watch your necklace lengths and where they fall in comparison to the neckline of your dress. ALWAYS try your jewelry on with your dresses at fittings, you’ll know right away if something isn’t falling quite where it needs to be or if it’s clashing with the details of your dress!

And besides yourself, what about your bridesmaids?! Many brides like to gift their bridesmaids necklaces. If you do decide to give necklaces as gift, how do you make sure all your bridesmaids like their necklace? When it comes to gift giving, I normally follow the rule of giving people things I LOVE or something that downright screams their style! However, bridesmaids accessories can really add to the feel of your style for the day. Especially if, let’s say the bridesmaids are wearing statement red necklaces that match their statement red shoes! All in all, choose a look you would LOVE to wear, however, let their opinions be heard too. Bridesmaids are your beautiful and loving essentials on your day, if you’re questioning how they feel about their look, ask them! They’ll love feeling beautiful with you on your big day!

This blog contains both large and minimal statement pieces I HEART for brides and bridesmaids! I hope you enjoy! Here’s for a future bride, Mary, hope this gives you and all you bridal beauties some neckline inspiration!


Starting you all off with the traditional + simple + beautiful… PEARLS! Didn’t see that coming, did you?! :) I’m a traditionalist at heart…can’t help myself!






Okay, one of my favorite looks! Love this layered statement maker!




For my sparkle lovers…how beautiful is this J.Crew stunner!





How simple and surprising.





I LOVE this look! Unique + Beautiful





This IS a NECKLACE! OHHH MY WOW! What a fun statement!





Love the daintiness of this chain.





How about a simple stamp of your husband’s initials on one + yours on the other! It’d kill me with cuteness!





The flow of her veil to necklace makes me happy.




Flirty and floral.




Detailed neckline…here’s a simple stunner.




Love a few layers of pearls and this bouquet!!!








Here’s a sparkly statement!





Layered lovelies





This necklace is made for this dress!






Rope necklace…LOVE…




Similar embellishment to her waistline…LOVE THIS LOOK!





Beautiful bib necklace





Hello Yellow





Bridesmaid LOVE:

I heart these girls’ pearls!





Bridesmaids would love these accessories!





Simple and stunning!




Mix and Match! Same color, but different design…LOVE!




Okay, my bridal beauts! That’s the good word this fab Friday! Hope you enjoyed and feel the neckline inspiration! AND for all your inspiration and wedding planning needs, Visuelle Productions Spring Bridal Show is coming up February 22, 2015 at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center…you should probably go and enjoy some wedded lovelies and great vendors!


Til next time,



{ Wintery Table Scapes to LA LA LOVE }


Okay…I’m in holiday cozy mode and let me tell you it’s a good mode to be in! Have I mentioned how much I HEART winter weddings! In these northern parts, they’re somewhat unexpected because everybody is hibernating, especially after January 1 hits. HOWEVER, what better reason to throw a celebration and give everybody you love reason to jump out of their long johns and pull it together! So, to fancy cold weather celebration throwers; here are some wonderfully wintery, warm lighted, and cozy table settings to cure your cabin fever in hot or cold minute! :)

Okay, this picture, inspired this blog! I’m in love with the florals and warmth of this table setting – BEAUTIFUL!


Are you a winter pastel lover?! They sure do look pretty with the white backdrop! Love this color combo.


How about winter whites?! Pillar candles, touch of baby’s breath, and burlap – PERFECTION!


Another pretty for you winter white lovers!


I HEART rustic decor more than a girl probably should…and love it even more mixed with a woman’s sparkly touch! These log chargers are the COOLEST!


A similar look with a plaid runner! Love me some plaid!


Are you a modern minimalist?! Love this! Simple + Clean


Candles + white lights will always give you that warm lighting you need this time of year!


Sprig of rosemary?! Perfect addition to these name cards! Love this font too…sometimes are hard to find a great font!


Or great detail on your napkins + menu holders!


Perfect use for all those pine cones out in the yard!


Another great table accessory…cinnamon sticks with berries could give you a great pop of color!


Or mittens?! This could also be pretty darn cute as a menu holder!


Alright, my winter table scape lovers hope you are feeling inspired to get uniquely designing those celebratory tables! Warm and cozy wishes to you all for a fab Friday!

~ Missy

{ Emerald I dos }


I’m a tad bit obsessed with emerald right now, I must admit my fave color to wear is black, black, and more black! However the pop of emerald accessories have been intertwining their way into my wardrobe! So, inspiration struck! Emerald inspiration it is for this week! Plus, it feels somewhat Christmasy and I may have mentioned, I’ve also been obsessing over that lately too! ANYWHO, get your emerald awesomeness fix here…NOW! :)

Emerald invites with sparkle on the inside of the envelope! AHHHHHHH!


Okay, I may have had too much fun with emerald accesssories!

How great is this pop of color with the white…ummm…fantastic!


For my blingy beauties…how about this Harry Winston stunners:


Or how GORGEOUS are these?!


How about this beautiful uncut emerald…ahhh…in LOVE!


Strappy + Sparkly Shoes


Or some Gucci classics like these:


Either way…you must have a fabulous emerald clutch…maybe something like this stunner:


And if it’s a bit chilly outside…a little Princess Kate inspiration with this beautiful emerald wrap jacket:


Your bridesmaids would love you forever if you dressed in a beautifully structured gown like this:


How about table settings! I may be a tad bias to emerald and gold…maybe it’s the Packer fan in me…but it sure looks pretty! :)


However, this emerald and black looks pretty awesome too:


How beautiful is this cake! Take a closer look of the fine embossed detail and the succulents add the perfect amount of emerald!


That is your Friday emerald inspiration! Hope you enjoyed and are feeling green in a good way, not with envy! Thanks for reading!



As a newly married or soon to be married couple, you are about to be aware (if you aren’t already) letter writing and thank you writing goes hand in hand with becoming Mr. and Mrs.! Have you done your first Christmas cards yet?! Because that also comes with the “FAM” territory! WHOOT! Love me some Christmas cards! If you’re crazy like me, you look forward and start planning and designing the “family” Christmas greetin’ early October! But seriously…I do! I totally enjoy sending all our family and friends a mailing of warm thoughts and wishes for their holiday…sending some love from our family to their…ya hear! AND since e-mailing has become the new wave…I enjoy getting a little old school and dropping some greetings in the FUR-REAL box of mail! ANYWHO, I’m all about dual purposing if at all possible when it comes to mail-dropping to hundreds of peeps! SO, Christmas cards + Save the Dates or Christmas Cards +Wedding Thank Yous can save on stamps and be made extra special too! Here’s some super cute wording and photo idears to make your WEDDED CHRISTMAS CARDS extra AWESOME!

Classic and Beautiful: “Married and Merry” ;)


“We wish you a very MARRY Christmas!” Love the black and white with the red writing!


Cute and Fun! “Wedding bells to JINGLE BELLS”


Love the rhyming wording on this card, “Warmest holiday wishes from the future Mr. and Mrs”


Okay…love the wording and envelope! ADORBS!


“Marry Christmas  to all and SAVE OUR DATE” :)


Cute + CUTE + DOG CHILDREN CUTE! Always a sucker for love and fur children! :)


“Merry, Bright, & Engaged”




Maybe you haven’t got the chance to take super awesome engagement photos yet?! Here are a couple Christmas and Save the Date cutie cards that are pretty FAB too!



If you’re about to take some awesome winter engagement photos…you should probably kill the cuteness out of photos like this!



OKAY! So obviously the holidays are on my radar! Now get on your engagement photos, card designing, and cute-patootie creative phrases! Your family is going to LOVE going to their mailbox for these things! Happy Friday bridal beauties! Stay inspired..mmmtay! :)




You know what’s wonderful about Wisconsin?! The seasons! Yeah sometimes winter may last a bit too long, BUT I still always look forward to the warm and fuzzy feeling I get with the first snow or the beauty of the pine trees all heavy with sparkly, white fluffy stuff, or even the beauty of a country landscape blanketed in the white! Now, it may get cold here sometimes, BUT, I think we forget an outdoor wedding in Wisconsin is still a possibility! With the beauty of gas heaters and fire places, warm beverages, you can create a romantic winter ceremony in the Northwoods no guest will be soon to forget! Here is fifteen ideas why it would be the “COOLEST” warm and fuzzy wedding EVER!

1. You can let mother-nature decorate for herself! How stinkin’ amazing is this landscape and ceremony backdrop?!


2. You can get married at the bottom of a ski hill like this!


3. You can get it all warm and cozy while looking awesome too by doing this:


4. You can add cozy touches like this for your guests! I know this is inside…but you could do this for your outside seating beautifully!


5. Or like this:


6. You could arrive on a sleigh and that would be AWESOME! Plus it’s a great photo opp moment for below too! Who doesn’t LOVE sleigh rides!?


7. You can takes pictures like this! They are pretty awesome when the snow catches the right light!!!


8.  You can wear fur (or faux fur) and it look like a serious classy gal!


9. Or if you’re not into fur…how ADORBS and FANCY is this cape and mittens!


10. Or you could also accessorize more casual and fantastic like this! AHHH…love this pic!


11. You can get dreamy floral shots with beautiful backgrounds!


12. Water + Snowy fog = Magical! (Also, another idear for great cold weather accessorizing!)

31761f691f3c865ed1b93eb0cd26b86f c3ba070ee5f9a560f4eac1e007522262

13. You can get romantic wedding photos like this:


14.  Lovely  + Festive + Simple Decor


15. I must say this looks like a pretty magical place to get married:


After a beautiful and magical outdoor winter wedding…bring all you guests inside to drink warm cocktails and dance the night away!!! P.S. Don’t forget to invite me…I like winter parties! NOW, remember Visuelle Productions Fall and Winter Wedding Spectacular is going on THIS SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2 in Appleton at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center 10:30am to 3:00pm! You know you wanna be there…it’s going to be FABULOUS!!! Happy HALLOWEEN Friday friends!!!


{ 10 Wedding Dresses with SLITS that we LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!!! }

Little Leg

I’m a self proclaimed LOVER of all and any (well ALMOST all) fancy white dresses! I adore a memorable outfit, something noticeable, something different AND I think these BEAUTI-MOUS slitted bridal gowns cover all those categories. I must admit, a simple slit has been on trend before, however, I’m unsure if I’ve ever seen it in bridal attire! So, to all my bridal beauties; here’s some dresses that might give you a “leg up” on your bridal homework! Consider something daring, classic, and memorable like these 10 LEGGY pretties!

1. Dreamy + Flowy + the perfect amount of leg!


2. Sleek + Glam + Classic (Would love to see this with a strapp-ier shoe) 0522a487d02e9557683a36a00a382805

3. The lines of this asymmetrical number are delightful! My eyes follow that one shoulder right down to that leg! SO PRETTY!861236325c432b8fa7e754b5e9f9c53b

4. GLAM + GLAM + more GLAM! Now that is a silhouette us ladies love…this style is so flattering! (Her accessories are perfection!)6eb56449887c44b291ef25e20ba94cb6

5. This dropped waste to flowy gown would most definitely have your guests in AWWW! 288def2bc1b571a036a7c7deb94c95c1

6. Classic with a SURPRISE! Beautiful!6b932379a52889275711c587bf73574e

7. Adore those sleeves…lacy “V” and that center cut slit…AMAZING! c0e10a853031c7d39f8a27e581fa40fb

8. This long sleeved + lacy number has me spinning! LOVE that bouquet too…DREAMY! cc6b9ad6f66646c6e29646070bd478cd

9.  This dress makes me wanna get married AGAIN! This fabric, cut, and sparkle is just lovely!c3f6bb14a532b522759d25b764cfb8e9

10. Last, but not least, this perfectly layered + prettiest lace dress! b066430922a19d49e64e21435849a519

That’s my leggy scoop for your Friday! Hope it leaves you bridal beauties feeling inspired! AND make sure you get your bridal cuteness to Appleton Sunday, November 2! It’s Visuelle Productions Fall and Winter Wedding Spectacular at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center from 10:30am to 3:00pm! Come meet Wisconsin’s best bridal vendors “for the best day of your life”!


{ 20 DReaMy AltArS to SaY I Do }

Now, you’re not going to believe this…back in the day when I got married…I didn’t have a decorated altar…WHATTTT! How could I? Sad story…I know! I just didn’t think about it. I thought about reception decor, cocktail table decor, gift table decor, church pew decor, but the backdrop where we said our I dos…nada!  Granite, we got married in a church with a beautiful stain glass backdrop, however, I still didn’t add a much needded Missy touch. I just didn’t know better! Now, I do and I’m filling you bridal beauties all in, so you don’t make the same mistake! It’s easy to add a little personal beauty to your momentous ceremonial awesomeness! Here’s 20 great ways…some elaborate…some simple…nonetheless great ways to add beauty to a beautiful moment you’ll remember forev. Enjoy lovebirds.

1. The seating and setup! Fall perfection!6d14e19fd8337ac03473837c36185273

2. Now, when I say dreamy…I mean dreamy! 7426c174f56906723f24dcd5d72c69af

3. Stunning! No other words. f56462f223d683936788ed9a7db1ea16

4. How about some AWESOME driftwood for your ocean front nups! SO COOL!c3939308ce8df809af21db9eb5771b42

5. Floral wrapping to make the perfect ceremonial structure with a little modern chandelier. feea76ff4ea1f6d7d675fc03f47034e4

6. LOVE, these FLORALS! Sidenote…love that wedding dress slit…yowza!7960893aa9b5b677a2aea93a90ad0777

7. Mother nature often offers us great altars by just adding a few accessories. a3338bfb07ce2b1f1ef8f5ab7fb68637

8. Sooo sparkly…sooo romantic.89e3ffc7f701d9b88cd4a5dccfecb41a

9. Birch + white flowers + water + LOVE! AMAZING! ba0e36ebe7bd2b6409e853fb03544299

10. Exposed brick…rugs…classic round lights…flowing drapings…YESSS!8d6d7d1a0e30fa60f9407f539ee0ee4c

11. Love this structure and the sign.


12.  How but trees…plus horizontal branches AND PEARLS! This is GREAT!8c8db22c735468a02c1703b19931ee89

13. Indoors with beautiful backdrop…frame it awesomely…like this! cc6a3099d5ab97c55adf66ce5fe983f0

14. Curtains with a floral garland for that little extra volume and perfect for tying back!8a1d467b635cbb5e99d9cd963568403e

15. Ummm…one of my favorite combos…rustic + crystals! 2169c8d475b5418c1274620a64e966ee

16.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the simplicity of this look and the asymmetrical placement of the florals.3de9ba53287dfbc3c14869b9b5c09c73

17.  Another simple arch, almost looks like railroad ties?! But again, perfectly placed asymmetrical florals!272def3a6f4be2ebf3b311d3b04caa10

18. With nature as your structure…just add in perfectly placed lighting and flowers! LOVE THIS shabby-sheek look!3bd5bcaab0237047a7b21ec5c041c206

19.  Now that is a doorway I would love to walk through! THIS is FANTASTIC and may I add…pretty darn dreamy.c055714f1ae4c1a1d5dde92d9d1c066b

20. An outdoor fireplace layered in candles! At dusk, I can only imagine the perfect candlelit backdrop this would be to say, ” I do.”c5aa379ca49c997512c607b23c8f8b33

Okay lovelies! That’s the inspiration for today! Hope you enjoyed! Happy Friday and remember more inspiration is coming very soon! Get to Visuelle Productions Fall Wedding Spectacular Sunday, November 2 in Appleton at the PAC 10:30am to 3:00pm! You’ll be certain to feel even more excited “for the best day of your life”!


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